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This Gateway Women Meetup Group is an Australian social group for women who are permanently involuntarily childless (childless not by choice) whether that be due to infertility or circumstance. Childless stepmothers are also welcome.

If you are still actively trying to have a biological or adoptive family or identify as childfree-by-choice there will be other meetup groups that will meet your needs for connection better.

If you are childless due to life circumstances or social infertility (not having a partner) and are willing to explore the possibility that there can be a rich and meaningful outside of motherhood, you are welcome.

This group is part of GATEWAY WOMEN, the global friendship and support network for childless women created by British psychotherapist and author, Jody Day. We also have a thriving private online community and many other resources for you. Please explore our website at www.gateway-women.com (http://www.gateway-women.com/)

One of the things about not having children when most of your peers do can be that your social circle dwindles or dries up completely. This can leave you feeling very left out of 'normal' life - which in turn can make dealing with the unexpected situation you find yourself in even trickier on some days!

A Gateway Women meetup is a low-key and friendly way to meet other childless women in your local area for friendship, connection and understanding. It can often feel very scary signing up and attending your first one as many of us carry this idea in our heads that the 'other childless women' are going to somehow be 'social misfits' that we wouldn't want to be seen with! But this is just an internalized version of some of the prejudices that society has about us, and it's absolutely NOT TRUE! We're a diverse bunch of women who share the experience of being childless not by choice in a world gone motherhood-crazy and I cannot tell you what a relief it is to spend time with other women like us. To be able to finally, safely let your guard down and NOT be told that 'Having children's not all it's cracked up to be, you know' or to suggest that explore adoption...

We have almost 100 Gateway Women (GW) Meetups across the world in the UK, Ireland, Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Israel, with more starting all the time. To see a list of our currently active ones go to the Gateway Women website and click 'Meetups' at http://www.gateway-women.com/meetup

If your town/city isn't on the list and you would like to host a group in your own area, please email us at community@gateway-women.com and we will help you get that going!

Gateway Women also hosts a private online community (http://www.gateway-women.com/community) on MightyNetworks which we'd really encourage you to join. Often members get to know each other there and then progress to meeting each other face-to-face via this Meetup group.

Gateway Women welcomes childless women of all ages, ethnicities, abilities, sexualities and relationship status. We're a diverse group but we all share the feeling of 'not fitting in' to a motherhood-crazy culture that doesn't seem to have a place for us.

Welcome to your Tribe.

Jody x

Psychotherapist & founder of Gateway Women
Author of "Living the Life Unexpected: 12 Weeks to Your Plan B for a Meaningful and Fulfiling Future Without Children" (http://www.gateway-women.com/book)
www.gateway-women.com (http://www.gateway-women.com/)

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