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Upcoming events (5+)

Game Night!!! In a Wine Bar!!! Boards and Booze!!! What could be better?

This will be at Urban Press. This is a winery and they have some very special wines. We have been there before. We will have the entire upstairs and outdoor heated enclosed patio. Urban Press NOW also has a full service kitchen with wood fired pizza and hand made pastas. Bring your own board games or whatever games you wish to play. Bring several if you wish. Super simple event. Come and share and play and drink. Make friends while crushing your opponents and toasting to your victory. Of course there will be an equally amount who are crushed and will be drinking away the tears of defeat. Then get ready for a rematch! So here is the plan: 6 PM to 7 PM arrival window and general Social/Mingle 7 onwards with be Meetup Thunderdome Game-night of the ages. No Cover and No Minimum. The Winebar is at 316 North San Fernando Blvd (Magnolia at San Fernando) Free parking at the structure located at 266 East Orange Grove Or parking is available in a structure located at 249 E Palm (behind the winery). There is also plenty of street parking on Third. And Burbank City Hall on Palm is ALL public free parking in the eve. ************************************************* As always. Come on your own and leave with friends.

Rafting, Giant Trees, Hot Springs, Camping w/Showers! 8/23 - 8/25

Let's have some fun and do some whitewater rafting! We'll drive up Friday after work, camp Friday and Saturday nights, and return home on Sunday. We'll be able to see and hear the river from our campsite. This trip is all about having a good time and meeting new people so think of everyone as a new friend! ---SATURDAY--- After breakfast (included) we'll take a stroll through the giant trees! They remind me of the trees in Avatar. They are 1,500 years old and 20 feet thick. This easy walk is 1/2 mile long, paved, and wheelchair accessible. Plus this area is shaded and the air is about ten degrees cooler. Then we'll head into town for rafting and will have Subway sandwiches, chips, and bottled water for lunch (included). Our 6 mile rafting adventure will begin with the rafting guides giving us a safety talk, then they'll take us down a stretch of the river that has Class III rapids (beginner/intermediate), then shuttle back to the start to take us down the same rapids a second time. Also, we will have a group of adventure addicts doing a Class IV run as well. Everyone must wear a life jacket and helmet (both provided) as well as sturdy footwear - no flip flops, crocs, or bare feet permitted. Good footwear: water shoes, tevas, sneakers - anything with a strap that won't come off your fee. Actual rafting trip length will depend on river's flow rate that day. Probably 2 - 2.5 hours for the class III run and 4+ hours for the class IV. After rafting we'll break for dinner at restaurants (with flush toilets), and we'll be able to take showers (bring your shower supplies). Then we'll meet back at the campsite to roast marshmallows around the campfire and play group games like Catchphrase, Scruples, and Cards Against Humanity! ---SUNDAY--- After breakfast (included) we'll pack up camp and prepare to head home. Optional: a hot springs visit on the way back! It's an amazing spot about 15 minutes from the parking area with tubs of hot water next to the river, plus a rope swing and jump rock. ----MISC---- Kids welcome! Please contact me for minimum weight and age. Sorry, no pets for this meetup. The drive will take 3.5 hours from LA + traffic. Arrival time on Friday begins at 6 pm. I'll be helping everyone connect for carpooling! Each car will decide when and where to leave. We will all be meeting at the campsite. Directions from Sierra Gateway Market to our campsite will be emailed the day before to everyone registered! ----REGISTER---- To register for this meetup please message me your email address! - Class III: $129.99 + Paypal Fee - Class IV: Message me your email address and "Class IV!" List of what's included: Please see http://bit.ly/david-rafting-more-info Alternatives to Paypal: Bank Pay, Google Pay, Facebook Pay. ----REFUNDS---- I can do refunds until Tuesday 8/20. After this date you'll need to find a replacement. ----MORE INFO---- For details about: - CAMPING - HOT SPRINGS - FOOD/MEALS - WHAT TO BRING - BRINGING GUESTS - CARPOOLING - REVIEWS - MORE PHOTOS Please see the More Info page! http://bit.ly/david-rafting-more-info ---- PLEASE NOTE ---- This is not an exclusively gay and lesbian trip. Everyone is welcome.

Bike Ride Marina del Rey to Redondo on the Beach Bike Path and LAX Airport

Join us for a special beach bike ride where you can get out of the hot city weather to the breezy beach weather. You have a choice of an easy route from Marina del Rey to Redondo Beach at https://goo.gl/maps/BI0GD The other option is a 10 mile extension from Dockweiler Beach to LAX Airport for those interested in seeing the back of Bradley International Terminal and riding parallel to the north runway at LAX. This extension is at https://goo.gl/maps/z3xqjLEm4U82 IMPORTANT NOTE: This bike ride departs at 8:00AM. _________________________________________ *** Please join the Southern California Cycling Group at http://meetup.com/cyclegroup/ to be notified of future bike rides. *** _________________________________________ QUALIFICATIONS: You can go as far as you want to on the beach bike path. All bike riders are invited who are comfortable and experienced riding on the road and flat bicycle paths for 26 miles round trip at 12 miles per hour which is a moderate pace. This bike ride takes about 3 hours with a few rest stops and a break for food in the middle. You are required to wear a helmet to ride with our group. _________________________________________ MEETING PLACE AND TIME: Arrive at 7:30 AM to park your car and get ready for the ride. Meet Louis at 7:45 AM in the first row of Dock 52 parking lot for a safety talk and introductions. We will depart promptly at 8:00 AM. Louis' cell phone number is in the RSVP question (which you can see by clicking on the blue box under "You're Going.") ___________________________ FREE PARKING: There is free parking at Dock 52 parking lot. For a map of Dock 52 and to get driving directions, click here: http://goo.gl/maps/8pJy5 ___________________________ BRUNCH: We will stop for a break at Quality Seafood Fish Market in Redondo Beach King Harbor at 130 International Boardwalk, Redondo Beach, CA 90277. You might enjoy a cup or clam chowder or many other choices. ___________________________ PLEASE FOLLOW THESE GUIDELINES: RSVP: If you can't come please change your RSVP to "No" so we are not waiting for you. BICYCLE: Make sure your bicycle is in good working condition with the tires properly inflated and the chain lubricated prior to the ride. RULES OF THE ROAD: Safety is always our first concern. Use standard hand signals (http://www.meetup.com/cyclegroup/pages/5_Hand_Signals_for_Bicycle_Rides/) for group rides and obey all traffic stops and signals. SPARE TIRE TUBES: You need to know how to change your own bicycle tire tubes if you get a flat tire. Please bring 2 spare tire tubes, levers, a small bicycle pump or CO2 cartridges to fill your tires with air once you change the bicycle tire tube. If you don't have spare tire tubes you might have to call a taxi to take you and your bicycle back to your car! MONEY: Please bring money for your lunch and taxi if necessary. BIKE LOCK: Do not leave your bicycle unlocked at any time. Please bring your own bicycle lock. HELMET: Please be advised that you are required to wear a helmet to ride with our group. WATER and FOOD: Please bring water to drink so you don't get dehydrated and food to eat, such as a protein bar, in case you get hungry. WAIVER OF LIABILITY: Please read this important disclaimer: This Meetup group, it's organizers and members take no responsibility for any injuries nor accidents that may occur during events. By joining this ride you take full responsibility for your own safety. Please ensure that you are in good health before participating and understand that there is risk involved in your participation. This Meetup group does not certify the qualifications of any of it's organizers or trip leaders, and they are not responsible for your safety. We are all just participants. ___________________________ This bike ride is crossposted in several Meetup groups.

Camping Labor Day Weekend: Big Pine Lakes!!! Fishing, Glaciers, Roaring Rivers

First of all, . .Big Pine Lakes is an amazing hidden gem. The water is a crazy hue. The Minarets rising above are stunning. There are amazing places on the way there and nearby as side trips. Such as the Anceint Bristlecone Forest, Mansanar, Alabama Hills, Fossil Falls or Red Rock Canyon (Cantil). There is no fee to enter compared to National Parks like Sequoia ($35 per car) Even with that: You don't see trips often to Big Pine Lakes. This is because area is only open from May to October. The snow is thick even into May and in Oct the nights are below freezing. With such a small window sites are super hard to get. Especially for holiday weekends. AND WE HAVE A GROUP SITE FOR LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!!!!! Our site is amazing. Tons of conveniences. There is a small cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner, and a small general store with a few necessities for if you need them. Many of the sites have electrical at the site or close by. Same goes for water. Restrooms are close. Space for cars, and an overflow lots near. Best of all . . . There is a Fish Pond!!!!! Stocked with trout. You can even catch dinner. The fish pond is free!!! For fishing you will need to buy (AND HAVE WITH YOU) a fishing licence before you go. They do rent poles at the general store and have bait too. Tons of shade from mature pines for many of the sites We are steps away from the trail-head AND steps away from the roaring glacier fed Big Pine Creek. Drive Time to the site from LA is less time than it takes to get to sites in Sequoia. The site is located at 7,800 ft so it's cooler. For Sequoia is super hot this time of year. For example Canyon View Campground in Kings Canyon/Sequoia is at 4500 ft or so. Super toasty!! After payment is received you will be added to the carpool matrix. The complected matrix will be sent out as it is updated. You only need the basics of camping gear. You will revive a packing and equipment list recommendations . Food: People have soooooooo many specialized diet. It is not feasible to provide food. There will be plenty of sharing. Plenty of fire-rings each with a grill. Rough Itinerary/Schedule Leave LA when you can. Arrive at the campsite as late as you wish. Friday 2:00 PM is the earliest you may arrive. People are still arriving at midnight. The road to the site is not winding. So it's no prob for late. Fri Eve will be Potluck and DrinkLuck. As people arrive they will share and enjoy. Sat AM Hike to Big Pine Lakes. Yes. This trail does allow dogs https://calitrails.com/2014/05/29/hiking-the-north-fork-of-big-pine There are options: Option 1: Lakes 1, 2, & 3. Lake three is the crazy blue one and the one most go there for. 9.2 mi out and back. 3000 ft elevation change. 5 hrs https://modernhiker.com/hike/hiking-the-north-fork-of-big-pine-creek/ Option 2: The "lollipop loop" to Lakes 1 - 3, and 4, 5, and Black Lake. 14.3 mi round trip, 3,400 6 to 8 hours. https://www.alltrails.com/trail/us/california/big-pine-lakes-trail Other Options 3: Continue to to Lake 6 and 7 (this will a very early start) OR After Third Lake, go Sam Mack Meadow to Palisades Glacier. Sunday: Either go back up to Big Pine Lakes OR . . . Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest https://hikingguy.com/hiking-trails/best-la-hikes/ancient-bristlecone-pine-forest-hike/ https://www.instagram.com/explore/locations/904989489/ancient-bristlecone-pine-forest/?hl=en On Monday for the ride home Schat's Bakery Mansanar Alabama Hills Fossil Falls Of course this is all mix and match and flexible. Cost for this adventure? Three nights/Four Days on a Holiday Weekend in an AMAZING place Fishing/FIshpond, Cafe, roaring river and AMAZING ALPINE LAKES $95 for for 1 https://www.paypal.me/IWantToDoThat/95 $90 per for 2 https://www.paypal.me/IWantToDoThat/180 $85 per for 3 https://www.paypal.me/IWantToDoThat/255 Venmo is @IWantToDoThat Dogs OK. Kids OK. Under 18 is 1/2 cost Event is rain or shine. Refunds given if request is prior to 2 weeks before the start time.

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