Audio for beginners with libsdl2

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The talk aims to teach about how audio works from the ground up and answer the following questions:

What is audio? What kind of mathematics is useful? How does a C++ programmer work with audio? What data / architecture considerations do you need to optimize it? How do you mix audio in real time? How do you load audio?

What are audio effects and which are useful in a real time scenario? How do you make audio work together with your application?

We will also copy & paste-live-code a simple program which makes sound.

Jonatan Wallmander

18.00 - The venue opens.
18.10 - Food
18.30 - Introduction
18.45 - Presentation
19.45 - Raffle out license from JetBrains
~20.00 - End

Scionova, Lindholmspiren 7a