Save the Date part II


Hi all.

Welcome to the C++ Meetup of february!

This time we will continue the presentation and workshops regarding the new features of std::chrono which will appear in the uppdated C++ standard C++20.

Our host this evening is Scionova @ Lindholmen

Note that there will be some hands on exercise this time so feel free to bring your laptop. Check the prerequisites for the exercises at the end of the abstract.

C++20 will see the inclusion of Extending to
Calendars and Time Zones. This brings not only duration and time_point
primitives, but also new calendar field types that allow a much more natural
description of a date. With the timezone extensions we can express the date as
UTC and present it in the system's local timezone with minimal conversion.

This is part two in a small series of workshops that serve as a
hands-on introduction to the date.h and tz.h libraries where we will investigate some of these concepts and how to use them.

Participants will require a computer with a C++ compiler capable of: compiling C++14 or higher
CMake (version 3.8 or later).

18.00 Doors open and there will be some food and snacks
18.20 (About) Presentation starts
19.30 Wrap up and closing


Best Regards