• Type erasure in C++, and some details.
    Presenter: Harald Achitz Abstract: What is type erasure, why would I ever need it, and how could it be implemented. This talk tries to answer those questions. On the way on doing so we will explore some - sometimes more, sometimes less - useful implementation details, strife topics around std::any, std::variant, std::function and some modern C++11/14/17 implementation techniques. Agenda: 18.00 Door is opened 18.15 Food is served 18.30 Talk begins About the presenter: Harald started his developer career during the early mid-90's in Austria, Vienna. Currently he works as senior software developer at the R&D department of Getinge, developing the current and next generation of software for medical devices. In his spare time he enjoys being with his family, contributing to opens source projects and organizing the SwedenCpp::Stockholm C++ meetup group. Location: Sigma, Lindholmspiren 9


    Lindholmspiren 9 · Göteborg

  • Lessons Learned in Dymola - Key C++ Performance Factors
    Welcome to the first gbgcpp of the autumn 2018! Abstract: The talk presents lessons learned from developing a C++ application for 20+ years, with an emphasis on performance. Topics covered will include: memory management, smart pointers, short string optimization and C++ move semantics. Speaker: Dag Brück


    Lindholmspiren 2 · Göteborg

  • STL Iterators 101*
    This is the final gbgcpp before the summer holidays! We will familiarize ourselves with the iterators part of the C++ standard library. Iterators are the glue between containers and algorithms. We will look at iterator categories, iterator traits and iterator adaptors. After the iterator presentation we will finish up the Meetup by doing an exercise together over at http://cyber-dojo.org. Location: Combination, Kungsportsavenyn 37 Time plan: 18.00 - Entrance is opened 18.10 - Food ~18.25 - STL Iterators presentation ~19.30 - Exercise together at http://cyber-dojo.org What to bring: A laptop with up to date C++ compiler, i.e. C++11, C++14 or C++17. * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/101_(number)#In_education


    Kungsportsavenyn 37 · Göteborg

  • Getting to know STL Algorithms
    We will familiarize ourselves with the algorithms part of the C++ standard library using a workshop format. Jacob will present 20 algorithms from the library using one slide per algorithm. Jacob will hand out an exercise following each slide which we will complete together before moving on to the next algorithm. Location: Capture Innovation, Östra Hamngatan 46-48 Time plan: 18.00 - Entrance is opened 18.10 - Food ~18.25 - STL Algorithms workshop starts What to bring: A laptop with up to date C++ compiler, i.e. C++11, C++14 or C++17.

    Capture Innovation

    Östra Hamngatan 46-48 · Gothenburg

  • Webassembly - run your code in the browser!
    Ever wanted a cross-platform GUI for your C++ app? How about the web browser? Did you know that you can get your C++ code to run in the web browser, giving you both the GUI tools and the lack of installations and updates we all love? This presentation will explain what Webassembly is, why it's exciting, how to get started, and give some examples of what can be done. Struggling with browser incompatibilites: it's not just for frontend developers anymore! Speaker: Fredrik Björeman, TimeEdit AB Time plan: 18:00 - The entrance to Luxoft is opened 18:10 - Food distribution ~18:20 - Fredrik Björeman starts his talk about Webassembly


    Östra Hamngatan 16 · Göteborg

  • The future of C++ network programming
    Introduction: Work is underway to add network programming to the C++ Standard Library. On this meetup we will try to catch up on what it is all about. We will listen to a talk from CppCon 2017 by Michael Caisse (a, b). After that we will do a mini-workshop together in order to get some "hello world" kind of thing up and running using the new networking library. Daniel Eriksson and Jacob Mossberg will also talk a few minutes about their impression of the Berlin based C++ conference Meeting C++ (c). Time plan: 18:00 - The entrance to Sigma is opened 18:10 - Food distribution 18:15 - Daniel and Jacob talks about the Berlin based conference named "Meeting C++" 18:30 - Streaming of the CppCon 2017 talk by Michael Caisse: "Practical Patterns with the Networking TS" (a) 19:45 - Mini-workshop by Jacob to setup "hello world" using new networking library. Bring your laptop! 20:30-21:00 - End Background: The current networking library proposal is available as a so called Technical Specification (d), in this case named the Networking TS (e). Based on the C++ standard timeline (f) it looks like the new networking library will make it into C++20. Networking TS is based on Boost.Asio (g). We will use a draft implementation of the networking library (h, i) during the mini-workshop. Links: (a) Practical Patterns with the Networking TS, Michael Caisse, CppCon 2017: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2UC6_rfJuAw (b) https://cppcon2017.sched.com/event/Bgts/practical-patterns-with-the-networking-ts (c) http://meetingcpp.com/2017/ (d) https://isocpp.org/std/the-life-of-an-iso-proposal (e) Networking TS draft: http://www.open-std.org/jtc1/sc22/wg21/docs/papers/2017/n4711.pdf (f) C++ standard timeline: https://isocpp.org/std/status (g) Boost.Asio: http://www.boost.org/doc/libs/1_66_0/doc/html/boost_asio.html (h) Networking TS implementation: https://github.com/chriskohlhoff/networking-ts-impl (i) Networking TS library documentation: https://chriskohlhoff.github.io/networking-ts-doc/doc/index.html What to bring: Laptop


    Lindholmspiren 9 · Göteborg

  • Blast from the past: Boolean data type
    Dag Brück and Andrew Koenig designed the boolean data type which was adopted by C++ in 1993. The talk describes the "new" type and the constraints governing its design, thereby providing insight into C++, C and language design in general. No food, but free coffee.

    Dassault Systèmes

    Lindholmspiren 5A · Göteborg

  • Profiling in Real Time
    We'll dive into one possible design of a basic in-source profiler / data collector and how to use it. We will also look at some OS-specific tools for profiling as part of an application. While doing so, we will also touch upon some multi threading topics in the x64 (Intel) architecture. Speaker: "Jonatan Wallmander, Vovoid Media Technologies AB" Food: Scionova will sponsor with baguettes


    Lindholmspiren 7A · Göteborg

  • Threads, concurrency and parallelism with C++
    In this Meetup Daniel will give a talk about the threads API that was introduced in C++11. This include the thread class, lock objects and functions and other synchronization mechanism like "future" and "promise". I also hope that we take a look at the future and see what might be introduced in C++20 in terms of concurrency and parallelism. Luxoft will host the event this time. Welcome!

    This Meetup is past


    Östra Hamngatan 16 · Göteborg

  • Rvalue references and move semantics
    Jacob will give a short talk about rvalue references and move semantics introduced in C++11. We will do some exercises together after the talk to practice writing move constructors and move assignment operators. So bring your laptop! :) Sigma will support us with location and also sandwiches. It would also be fun to hear if anyone has experienced performance boosts in their C++ programs through the use of move semantics.


    Lindholmspiren 9, plan 5 · Göteborg