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Fika and Sketch
What to bring: Your favourite art supplies, but I will also be bringing paper and pencils to the meetup as well. Cost: Please support the cafe by getting fika or coffee ♥ Introductions: We'll go around the table with short introductions, please let us know your name especially if you’re shy! Warm up: You will be given a prompt and you have 10 minutes to sketch your interpretation of it. Main sketch: 2 prompts will be given and you will have 2 hours to sketch one of them. Show and tell - We’ll show each other what we’ve come up with, especially if you think it is terrible or unfinished. Brain storming - We’ll discuss what we want out of the next meet up, such as locations, projects and prompts. If you weren't able to RSVP a seat, please send me a message and I will check if I can book another table :) Let's have fun!

Da Matteo Vallgatan 2nd floor

Vallgatan 5 · Göteborg


    What we're about

    If you love art and making things but struggle to keep motivated and inspired or feel incredibly shy in sharing your art, Gbg Sketch and Art is for you!

    Regardless of your skill or what mediums you like to use, let’s have fun learning and making art together!

    We are a group of friendly artists who encourage and support each others’ creativity. Art is a great way to bring people together and help us understand each other and the world around us.

    Don’t have any art supplies? I’ll be bringing some pencils and paper that you can use.

    Don’t have any ideas of what to draw/paint? There will be 2 art prompts and then we can show each other what we’ve come up with at the end. What matters is that we have fun and get creative!

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