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Boosting Team Productivity: A Deep Dive into

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Boosting Team Productivity: A Deep Dive into


Join us in this workshop as we explore the revolutionary, an open-source AI coding assistant designed to supercharge your team's productivity by up to 45%. Discover how achieves this through specialized fine-tuning tailored to your codebase. This powerful tool offers features such as code completion, intelligent refactoring, context-aware chat, and an AI toolbox.

Learn how suggests fine-tuned code models based on your local codebase, ensuring that you receive up-to-date recommendations. By adopting your code style, provides superior code suggestions, enhancing your development workflow. Moreover, explore deployment options – whether on your self-hosted servers or in a private cloud, empowers your team to optimize coding efficiency and streamline collaboration.

Don't miss this opportunity to delve into the future of AI-driven coding assistance!




Ilya Yarmalkevich - (Business Developer)

I am a Business Developer at Refact AI, a company that provides AI-powered tools and solutions to help businesses improve their programmers' productivity and efficiency. I am responsible for identifying and pursuing new opportunities, building and maintaining relationships with clients and partners, and demonstrating the value and benefits of our products and services.


Ekaterina Nosova - Harbour.Space University (GDG Organizer BCN, Head of Digital Projects)

Product Manager (previously project manager and B2B platform marketer), expat in Barcelona, learning Catala, castellera.

Rosemarie García López - Women Tech Makers Barcelona

UX/UI Designer & Researcher based in Mataró, Spain | Google WTM Barcelona Co Organizer | FoF Avocate


Polina Nazarova - Harbour.Space University (Head Of Business Development)

I am multicultural, speak six languages fluently, and am a professional polo player. I hold a Masters in Mathematics from Ludwig Maximilian’s University in Munich and have worked as an intern consultant in the area of corporate treasury solutions for one of the largest international accounting firms.
Also, I have worked in business development for an international fashion house dev…



Harbour.Space University (


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