Introduction to Kubernetes workshop - Sign up required


Join this workshop to learn Kubernetes with help and practical real-world exercises. Kubernetes is an open-source tool that has the power to manage companies development. Read the description to get all details.

In this workshop we will go through the following with Kubernetes:
- How to setup
- How to securely use it
- How to deploy manually
- How to setup Continuous Deployment
- How to setup secrets
- How to scale your app
- How to do debug your app

This is going to be a paid workshop. It is also non-profit and all proceeds will be donated to Røde Kors.
Students can apply to attend for free!

You will get a printed Kubernetes cheatsheet and also have all the exercises available to take home.

17:00 Doors Open
17:30 Welcome
17:40 Kubernetes Introduction: How to get started?
18:00 Exercises with Kubernetes
18:30 Sandwiches and drinks
18:50 Kubernetes in Production introduction.
19:10 Exercises for deploying Kubernetes
20:30 Follow up talk and networking!

Prices for attending:
First 10 tickets: 75 kroners - sign up here:
Rest 15 tickets: 85 kroners.
Students: For free, apply here: Limited to 5 seats!

Why does it cost money?
The money will cover the food and drink costs, and print out the materials that you get. All proceeds from the event will be donated to Red Cross! The budget will be shared in an open spreadsheet. I also want to have an event where you will not be hungry or thirsty while learning.
Thanks to FoundersHouse for allowing us to loan the location for free!

Why are you doing this?
I really think that Kubernetes is a great product that is helping companies around the world grow and scale faster. That makes it extremely valuable for you and others to learn how to use it. Helping raise money for the Red Cross only makes this experience better.

Here are reviews from previous workshops I have done:

What is Kubernetes?
If you want a quick introduction to Kubernetes you can watch my tutorial at Youtube that I have made.

Friendly regards

If you have any questions please reach out to me either here or on mail. [masked]