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More developers are starting to understand that web performance matters. From higher mobile search rankings to bottom-line revenue impacts, performance can make or break your web app. However, fixing performance can feel like a quagmire of expert-level nuanced understanding on so many topics. What would you think if I told you you could cut your JavaScript bundle size up to 50% by doing one thing only? Nearly 90% of worldwide web traffic runs on modern browsers, but we're transpiling all of our JavaScript down to ES5. That transpilation has a cost.

In this talk, we'll learn about differential serving, or serving modern bundles to modern browsers and legacy, transpiled bundles to older browsers. We'll talk about strategies, what to watch out for, and how to implement it using webpack. This talk is framework agnostic, and it's best if you have at least a basic understand of JavaScript.

GDG New Orleans is a monthly meeting where developers can present on any topic related to technology and software development. Have a talk idea? Let us know!

Our meetup is proudly sponsored by our DevFest 2019 sponsors: iSeatz, CGI Federal, CDIT, Mark,, LookFar Labs, and CotingaSoft.