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Gen AI Labs: Duet AI for Developers London

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Join us Duet AI for Developers Labs
AI with Google Cloud is transforming the landscape of possibility for developers.
Duet AI is empowering teams to innovate faster, optimize technology with AI automation, create new experiences with faster data insights, and reduce risk of threat overload.
This event is your ticket to master Duet AI for Developers and leave with the practical knowledge to implement it into your everyday work.

You'll have the opportunity to:

Learn how you can seamlessly integrate Duet AI into your development process

Discover how Duet AI can be used for code completion, code generation, comments, explanation and deployment in Google Cloud

Participate in hand-on labs & network with your technical peers

Important: All attendees should bring their own laptops for the hands-on labs.


Registration & Networking


Welcome Remarks


The Future of Software with Generative AI

From Gemini to Vertex AI to Duet AI, this session will share a brief introduction on how Google Cloud Platform is set up to scale for AI workloads.


Introducing Duet AI

An introduction to Duet AI and how it can help in your development workflow


Hands-on-lab: A Tour of Duet AI for Developers

Duet AI is a generative AI-powered collaborator from Google Cloud that helps developers build applications, admins provision infrastructure, analysts analyse data and make predictions, plus much more. During this hands-on session, you will learn how to set up Duet AI in Cloud Shell Editor and deploy a "Hello World" Flask app




Hands on lab: Use Duet AI to Explore and Enhance an Existing Application

In this hands-on lab, you will learn how to use Duet AI to deploy and enhance an AI/ML image processing pipeline


Best Practices with Duet AI Prompts

In this talk, learn some of the best practices in prompts to get the most out of Duet AI.


Networking Reception




Mete Atamel - Google (Developer Advocate)

Mete is a Developer Advocate at Google, focused on helping developers with Google Cloud. As a long-time Java and C# developer, he likes to compare the two ecosystems. Prior to Google, he worked at Microsoft, Skype, Adobe, EMC, and Nokia building apps and services on various web, mobile and cloud platforms. Originally from the island of Cyprus, he currently lives in Greenwich of London, not too…

Marc Cohen - Google (Developer Relations Engineer)

Marc is an American software engineer working on Google's Developer Relations team in London. His mission is building tools, demos, tutorials, and other educational artifacts to make computing and data science more accessible and inclusive.

Francisco Lopez Martines

Esther Lloyd - Google Cloud (Customer Application Development Engineer)

Marcello Pedersen - Google Cloud (Product Manager)

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Amanda Cavallaro, GDG Organizer

I'm an Aikidoka, Developer Advocate, Software Developer, Google Developers Expert, Linkedin Learning Author and a Full Stack Web Development Specialist.

Saverio Terracciano, GDG Organizer

Stefano Le Pera, GDG Organizer

Lorenzo Turrino, GDG Organizer

Kubra Harmankaya, GDG Organizer

Natalie Godec, GDG Organizer

Bruno Ripa, GDG Organizer

I am an italian software architect, in the industry since 2006. I have been in entrepreneurship in Italy, for 6 years, and then continued my career in United Kingdom, in London (2012), a city (or, better, the City) which I consider as my second home. I have worked in several industries (gaming, fintech, digital asset management) and in many companies, with a 3 years parenthesis in Spain (2017-2020), precisely in Barcelona, where I have worked as a contractor for a few USA startups and an european company working in IoT. In March 2020 I made my way back in London, working for Erlang Solutions.
I am actually an independent consultant, working in the IoT market,

Arianna Capizzi, GDG Organizer

Jen Kwon, GDG Organizer

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