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The SALO Project Underground Pop-up Dinners-Filipino Cuisine

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You are invited to take part in a very special event...Join us for the SALO Project Pop Up. The SALO Project is a series of Underground Pop-up Dinners featuring regional Filipino Cuisine which will travel to the 50 States of America over the course of 50 weeks. Guess what? They are having a dinner in the DC area and we want you to join us. Here is a link to the event...

Salo, derived from "Salu-salo" which means a dinner party, is designed as a gathering of the curious ones, adventuring for deeper understanding of native feasts. It was borne from the realization that, despite the rising popularity of Filipino cuisine, it is not fully represented outside of the country. SALO aims to raise community and cultural awareness through food. Yana Gilbuena, a designer and creative, started SALO as a means of bringing people together through this cultural and culinary journey. By applying a designer’s perspective, Yana creates a dinner experience that is carefully orchestrated to showcase the dialogue between dishes: how the flavors and textures interact; the sequence and flow; as well as the interaction between the diners, as they're exploring the Philippines through their palates.

The cost is only $50 per person and they only have 11 spots left. This is a great unique dining experience.