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We started FnPlus because as tech geeks, our passion for technology and coding wasn't appreciated and valued in the academic race. Being lifelong learners, we feel we can bring much more value to the table.

FnPlus's mission is to inspire a lifelong love of learning and make you feel valued. We find untapped or underutilized talent, and train them for the most in-demand jobs in the world using our Informal Learning Platform. The self-paced platform helps you learn by doing and gain 21st-century skills like collaboration, empathy, and creativity. We also connect with businesses for the selection, hiring, engagement, and evaluation of members.

What's a better place to learn than a community? So, in this community, you'll be:-

• Learning using a curated list of customized resources.

• Sharing what you're learning.

• Jam together on problems and solutions

• Create something you’re proud of.

• Work with startups/organizations and build your portfolio.

To host our meetups, you can submit your proposal within the following formats:-

• Talk - The presenter speaks for the most part and shares slides.

• Demo - The presenter demonstrates code or an application by sharing desktop.

• Mob-Review - The presenter does a code-walkthrough. Expects audience members to review content and contribute suggestions.

• Mob-Programming - The presenter does live coding. Expects audience members to review content and contribute suggestions.

• Discussion - The presenter conducts a very interactive discussion with audience members.

• Flash Talk - The presenter speaks for 5 minutes on any topic of choice; in a session slot that's marked.

Our meetups will mostly be free and open for members. We will sometimes co-host a joint meeting with other community groups to increase collaboration & widen your tech community circle.

Disclaimer: It is an independent group; our activities and the opinions expressed here should in no way be linked to our sponsors.

Check out what we're up to:
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Hi everyone. Yes, we've heard your complaints about people rsvping and not showing up, and how there's space at the venue but no more rsvp slots. To resolve this, we seek your help with taking attendence at the events: • For members who RSVP and no-show, they will receive -1 point. (RSVPs close 12 hrs before the event--please cancel your rsvp before this) • For members who RSVP and show, they will receive +1 point. • E.g., Bill RSVPs for 3 meetups. He shows up for only 1. Thus, he gets (-1) + (-1) + (+1) = -1 point. • Members who have < -3 points will be banned. • Members who have > 10 points will get VIP badge. • Please approach our committee members to mark your presence in the meetup. Thank you!

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