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We're pleased to announce that the speakers for our next Geek2Geek meetup are Paolo Negri from Contentful, Peter Bourgon from SoundCloud, Timwi and Timo Sulg from VersionEye. This time we will focus on "Non Mainstream Languages".

Paolo Negri: Paolo (@hungryblank) is co-founder at Contentful ( He started using Erlang in 2011 to build game servers for popular social games and he became fond of the language and its ecosystem. Paolo will give a short introduction to the principles and ideas behind the language and what makes it stand out from other programming languages.

Peter Bourgon: Peter (@peterbourgon), is a distributed systems software engineer. He's working on search and discovery for SoundCloud ( He's into well-designed and maintainable code, avoiding pre- and over- optimization, and best practices. Peter is also an unofficial SoundCloud Go evangelist and will tell you what that means.

Timwi: Four years ago Timwi (@TimwiTerby) co-founded Aldaray ( and created Rummage, the most effective .NET obfuscator on the market. Currently he is working on a massively-multiplayer web-based quiz game. Before that, he studied Mathematics and Computer Science and worked on a large-scale project management, querying and organizational tool for a large silicon semiconductor company. In his spare time, he enjoys theoretical challenges, especially those involving mathematical logic and computation. In this presentation, Timwi will describe one of the fruits of this hobby: an esoteric (read: useless but interesting) programming language with only four instructions: Funciton!

Timo Sulg: Timo (@timgluz) is a data-hacker from Estonia. He's currently turning VersionEye ( into the "Google of software libraries". Before moving to Berlin, he has been co-founder of 2 finnish startup companies and used to work for the biggest swedish bank as a data specialist. His journey as a developer has been colorful - Timo started programming with TurboPascal, then C, PHP, Octave, C#, R, Python, Javascript, Julia, Ruby and now Clojure. He’ll give us a short overview about what Clojure is and how to get started. Furthermore, Timo will show us some demos of his favorite Clojure perks.

Thanks to KaufDA (, snacks and beer are available for free, while supplies last. We're looking forward to you!