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Hi Geeks,

We would like to meetup with you on February 21 at CO.UP in Berlin. The topic is "NoSQL". We will have talks CouchDB, Neo4J and ArangoDB. And a short intro to TempoDB. This are the speakers.

Jan Lehnardt is an Open Source developer who works on all parts of the Web stack. He is the project lead of the synchronising database Apache CouchDB and co-inventor of Hoodie (, a javascript framework and infrastructure brings full-stack app development to frontend programmers and web designers. Jan will give us an intro to CouchDB.

Stefan Plantikow studied computer science and is an expert for distributed systems and multi threading. He works on the next version 2.1 of the NoSQL Graph database Neo4J.
Stefan will give us a short intro into Neo4J and talk specially about Cypher, the awesome query language for graph dbs. Beside that he will show us new features in Neo4J 2.0.

Martin Schöner is the chief architect at ArangoDB. He will give a short introduction to ArangoDB, a multi-purpose, multi-model, non-relational, open-source database. Data in ArangoDB can be stored and accessed as documents, treated as simple key-value pairs or as complex graphs. Queries can be simple REST calls, query by examples, or formulated in a full fledged query language with joins and aggregations. ArangoDB supports replication for high availibility and - in the coming version - also sharding for horizontal scaling.

We look forward to seeing you there :)