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Retro Movie Legends - Volume 8: ROBOCOP: Director's Cut (1987)
Hey there everyone, let's all see "The Future Of Law Enforcement" (from back in 1987...LOL!)...and check out another "Retro Movie Legends" Geekaliciosus Meetup Event! YESSSSS!!! We are back again from our long break for another spectacular fan-fave/popular Blast-From-The-Past classic pop-culture movie! Tonight we will be featuring the High Definition DIRECTOR'S CUT which is the Bloodier/Gorier UNCUT version of the original awesome and bad-ass Cult-Classic movie: ROBOCOP (1987) ( where in a dystopian and crime-ridden Detroit, a terminally wounded cop, Alex Murphey, returns to the force as a powerful cyborg (RoboCop) haunted by submerged memories and out to bring brutal and deadly justice to those who have wronged him. Prepare for some over-the-top violence and action in this spectacular Action movie starring Peter Weller as RoboCop where he is a One Man Army who is taking names and kicking some major butt...80's style! HE'S PART MAN...PART MACHINE...ALL COP! (Checkout the Movie Trailer & Meetup Details further down below) Movie Plot: In an overly commercialized future, desensitized to violence, the Detroit Police Department, now corporate-run by OCP (Omni Consumer Products), finds itself overwhelmed, near collapse, and ready to strike. Chief among criminals at large is Clarence Boddicker, who alone, amidst his psychopathic gang, is responsible for thirty-one police deaths. While OCP's president awaits the full collapse of Detroit so he can built his Delta City dream project over its remains in six months, two officials at OCP look toward high-tech solutions to the crime problem, with an old-school official developing a robot (Enforcement Droid 209) while an ambitious upstart develops a cyborg (RoboCop, fashioned from the remains of fallen police officer Alex Murphy). While ED-209 is a flop, RoboCop is a marvel, but violence escalates when an official at OCP, directing Boddicker's actions, needs the effective cyborg destroyed. Movie Trailer: PLEASE NOTE: The movie mentioned here contains violence, nudity and some strong language; viewer discretion is advised! MEETUP DETAILS: Geekalicious members attending and coming into the building have to inform the Security Desk (which is next to the Media/Movie room) that you are here for the Meetup with "Onsy and friends", so that you can be pointed to the room. Also, you can request free Guest Car Parking (upon availability) if you are coming by car. OR If you are coming by's a 5 minute walk from Bayview Station to the meetup location. Please walk/drive around the bend of the road, Barberry Place, where the houses are, and you will find shortly on your left side the entrance to the building. We have Cinema-style leather seats to enjoy the event in comfort for each person attending this Meetup...but seating is limited, so please RSVP as soon as possible if you are serious about attending to ensure you get one of those seats. Do NOT RSVP if you are not serious about attending to give others a chance to have those seats. If all RSVP spots are taken, any extra RSVPs will be on a waiting list and we will do our best to confirm those RSVP to accommodate the larger number of attending members, but we will have to use regular folding chairs for the extra attendees. If you do join us, please feel free to bring your own snacks/drinks with you as long as you kindly do not spill/leave a mess and throw any remaining trash in the bin. Thank you for your cooperation! Everyone attending is going to have a great Nostalgic Retro-Time! We hope to see you all there.

Onsy's Retro Movie Theatre

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