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Welcome ^_^ This group is for everyone and anyone who shares in a wide palette of geekdom! Sci-fi, fantasy, comic books lovers, video gamers, and computer programmers are welcome! We hold a variety of events from movie nights, board game extravaganzas, random outdoorsy social gatherings and internet cafe soirees. If this sort of thing tickles your taste-buds then welcome aboard!

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Nintendo Switch Gaming Social V.5, feat. Just Dance 2019 (ROUND 2)

Meltdown eSports Bar Toronto

After a successful & super fun time with Just Dance 2019 (with Just Dance Unlimited subscription!) several months ago, I figured it's time for ROUND 2! The people who came to the last event can testify - this game is WAY more fun and WAY less awkward than it looks/sounds! If you don't feel like dancing though, you're free to come out to spectate & chill. I'll be bringing my Switch, dock & 4 joycons for the main event, but if you have a Switch you're comfortable bringing along, feel free to do so - I'm sure we can get some other games going while people wait for turns with Just Dance! The great folks at Meltdown have, as always, agreed to let us use some of their TV screens, so bring your dock along too if you want. I'll bring along the rest of my game collection in case we all need a breather later in the evening. If anyone has other co-op/multiplayer games to bring, that'd be amazing! See you there! NOTE: The "official" end time for this event is 7pm, but we often have a crowd that stays later - so don't feel like you have to leave at 7 sharp!

Banana Eating @ Midnight


I like banana

Geekalicious 6th Birthday Party @ Rec Room Toronto!

Oh, how time flies when you're having fun! Geekalicious turns 6 whole years old this year!!! So, whether you've been here since the beginning, or it's your first time out with us, you're invited to this big ol' birthday party! And what better way to party than to check out Rec Room and game/eat+drink/party an evening away with some friends! We'll meet up and start gaming for 6:30, and stick around the venue for some free ~mystery~ entertainment + dancing at 10pm (19+ for this event portion, sorry kiddos)! And to complete the party vibe, we'll be handing out party hats and loot bags* (those are still cool, right?!). There's also gonna be a sack of nifty mystery prizes! Cosplay/dress-up is optional but VERY much welcomed! Just keep it family friendly, as Rec Room is an all-ages venue during the day/evening. We really look forward to seeing you guys at this special occasion! And thanks for being part of the Geekalicious family :) *Loot bag/party hat quantities may be limited, so arrive on time to avoid disappointment! PS. They have Mario Kart.

Lets watch ~ Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
Needs a date and time

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Let's watch the best movie ever! ABOUT? The Z-Fighters must contend with Lord Beerus, the God of Destruction, but only a God can fight a God, and none of them are Gods. However with the creation of the Super Saiyan God, will the Z-Fighters be able to defeat Lord Beerus?

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