Geek Physique Archery

This is a past event

23 people went


Geek Physique Archery Returns 2017

Geek Physique Archery is back! Archery will take place most Saturdays at 1:00pm (so check back to the page for dates). Come join us for outdoor socializing and target practice with printouts of your favorite movie villains.


Summary of information using the 5 W’s

Who: Ted is the new event organizer for Geek Physique Archery

What: Geek Physique Archery


• Date- most Saturdays starting April 22

• Time- 1:00pm~4:00pm

Where: The Lauderdale Community Park (1885 Fulham Street), located at the southwest corner of Roselawn Avenue and Fulham Street.

Why: It’s better to practice shooting at printouts of zombies before the zombie apocalypse.


A Call to Arms:

The previous organizer had a vast arsenal of Genesis bows for use at Geek Physique Archery in the past. We do not have access to those bows anymore so we are calling on all bow owners to bring any spare bows they have. Geek Physique Archery is a very popular event and a lot of people come wanting to get into archery. It would be awesome if all the experienced archers brought at least one extra bow to each event so a newbie archer can participate along side us. If we all did this, we can have enough bows for everyone to join in on the fun.