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What we’re about

Join us as we explore the world of generative AI together.

We unite Creative Industry Innovators to leverage the power of AI so they can breathe life into their visions, touch hearts, and increase productivity.

The fusion of AI and creativity is more than a trend; it's the future. As industries evolve, the demand for AI-enhanced creative solutions is skyrocketing.

Together, we will explore how generative AI tools can be used to increase productivity, create high-quality digital content, unleash creativity, and achieve success in marketing and sales.

Our community members are inspiring each other by finding the best AI tools and workflows for their own interests and talents from the flood of possibilities.

We strive to empower community members:

  • Stay Ahead: Equip each other with the tools and knowledge to stay ahead of the game in the rapidly evolving world of AI and creativity.
  • Strategic Thinking: Emphasize the importance of strategic thinking, understanding client needs, and big-picture planning.
  • Focus on Values: We encourage members to focus on what's truly important.
  • Quality and Efficiency: We strive to support members to produce high-quality content, automate tasks, and unfold their creative potential to benefit others and thrive professionally.

Come for the exchange of ideas, stay for the fun.

Join Stephanie Meisl and Andreas Fraunberger on this journey where art, creativity, and technology unite to create an exciting future.

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