Cryptocurrency: An introduction for beginners | 加密貨幣:入門簡介講座

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Cryptocurrency: An introduction for beginners
Language: English

Genesis Block is hosting the event with the co-author of 'Cryptocurrency: Dawn of a New World Era'.

This event aims to explain to absolute beginners the reasons why Cryptocurrencies are gaining momentum. You will get to know more about the basics of bitcoin and why bitcoin is important.

About the book:
'Cryptocurrency - Dawn of a New World Era' is your guide through the apparently complicated world of cryptocurrency.
Written by Bryan Cheung and Christina Chu, this book describes the philosophies of bitcoin, weaknesses of today's banking system, crypto market behaviours and much more. It also gives you an insight on how to stay safe in protecting your valuable cryptocurrencies. It is definitely a must-read for everyone, especially beginners in the crypto space.

This event is free of charge. RSVP now!

加密貨幣: 入門簡介講座
語言: 英文

是次活動是由Genesis Block與【加密貨幣:一個新世代的開始】的共同作者舉辦。


本書由Bryan Cheung和Christina Chu撰寫,描述了比特幣的哲學,當今銀行系統的弱點,加密市場行為等等。它還可以讓您深入了解如何保護您的寶貴加密貨幣。對於每個人來說,這絕對是必讀的,尤其是加密領域的初學者。