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GeoBLR (http://geoblr.in), started in 2013, is a monthly gathering around mapping, spatial technology, and data. Working closely with the DataMeet (http://datameet.org) community, GeoBLR engages individuals, organisations and the government in conversations around spatial data problems. The idea of openness is at the center of GeoBLR. Since the inception, GeoBLR has organised thirteen meetups around an array of topics like PIN codes (http://datameet.org/2014/09/01/geoblr-pin-code-extravaganza/), OpenStreetMap (https://openstreetmap.org/), as well as conversation with field experts (http://geoblr.in/meetup/special-edition-with-gary-gale-and-ed-freyfogle/). In 2015, GeoBLR aims to further strengthen the OpenStreetMap community in the city.

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Cultural Heritage, Conflicts, and the Map
Conversation About the Map


Karl Beelen on Imagination and Maps


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