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Walk 5 Miles Around Wollaton Hall & Deer Park (Level 2)
Assume it will rain - only RSVP if you don't mind walking whatever the weather! A new five mile walk around Wollaton Park - home to Wollaton Hall - the same building used in the Batman movie as Wayne Manor. πŸ“Έ Everyone is welcome - it is suitable for all ability levels as there will be catching up points, and the group is very friendly and social - so if its your first time, or you are returning you can be sure that you will be made very welcome. Please do not race ahead of the walk leaders as you could easily go off route and not be able to find us, and we will pause regularly for any slower walkers to catch up and get their breaths back. PS. Why not bring a plastic bag with you and help us to leave the area better than we found it? You can do this by picking up any litter you see on the route (if safe to do so). Deposit the bag later in a bin on route or in town. Bending down is great exercise too!

Wollaton Hall

Wollaton Park, Wollaton, Nottingham NG8 2AE Β· Nottingham

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Edward Kendal and Mark Connelly won our Most Miles Walked competition in August 2018, Edward received a certificate as it is his third month winning, and Mark received this t-shirt:

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