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Entrepreneurship is 80% sales and marketing. Background in business is a 'nice to have', not a 'must have' for an aspiring entrepreneur. Other than the standard things (an idea, passion and the willingness to act), the most important thing that aspiring entrepreneurs must have is sales and marketing.

sales and marketing is vital for successful business growth. "Selling" or making sales consists of interpersonal interaction-the one-on-one meetings, telephone calls and networking-that you engage in with prospects and customers. The term "marketing" encompasses programs businesses use to reach and persuade prospects, including advertising, public relations, direct mail and more.

To succeed today, we need to dive in and evolve our strategy to keep up with the shifting landscape. Startup founders and entrepreneurs must need to keep up-to-date on industry trends to stay relevant with the current Sales and Marketing Practices.

This Meetup is intended for Startup Founders, Entrepreneurs, Sales and Marketing Professionals, Business leaders who want to take their business Ideas to the next level.

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Objections in Sales - How to Deal with Them?

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You must prepare yourself or your sales staff to overcome objections and move the sales conversation toward a positive outcome. Your Price is Too High. When a prospect raises questions about the cost of your product or service, you know you have not made the value clear. Time is Tight. Maintenance. You're Too Small. In this Meetup we will share the experience about the the Sales Challenges!

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