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Lets Do Bouldering (Indoor Rock Climbing)
A chance to experience a fun afternoon doing Bouldering. Bouldering means climbing free – without ropes, harnesses or reluctant partners. Bouldering isn’t about climbing really far or very high – the highest you will go indoors is around 4 metres high. It is about having fun, finding challenges that appeal to you, and also having to work hard sometimes. Another chance to tick something off the bucket list in style, whilst staying fully in the moment, we will be able to focus, and as we fall we will pick ourselves up again and be able to apply these principals to our every day life following the day. FAQ's • What... no ropes?! While you are climbing, there are thick padded mats underneath you. These are there to protect you if you fall. • I can’t do a single pull up to save my life. Am I fit enough? Yes! Bouldering is not about keeping up with a group, but about getting in touch with your own body and its abilities. As long as you can walk up and down stairs and don’t have any medical problems you will be just fine. • Is bouldering a good workout? Bouldering is an incredible workout! Climbing is the original natural workout for a strong and flexible human body. Of course it works your hands, arms, shoulders and back like no other sport, but what is less known is that it works your core muscles and your lower body just as much. Expect to feel a little bit sore after your first sessions, and remember to keep drinking water! • What do I need to bring? Just bring loose, or stretchy, comfortable clothing and a jumper for when you are taking a break or waiting before your lesson starts. Schedule 9:15am - Meet at Starbucks for Coffee catchup to go through our intentions for the morning, group meditation 10:00am - 1pm - Bouldering 1pm - 2pm - Lunch and sharing experiences Tickets It will cost £20 which includes shoe hire and you will be able to stay on the premises as long as possible (If you want to stay there and skip lunch then thats cool :)) Training Video to Watch Finally you will have to watch the below 5 minute video before you climb, so watch before you meet us See you on Saturday morning :), let me know if you have any other questions? Chris

Starbucks in Vauxhall

2 S Lambeth Rd, Vauxhall, London SW8 1SP · London

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This is a Self-Development group based around pushing our barriers in life, allowing us to develop a confident mindset, improve your conversation skills and find your passion in life.

This group is for people who want to:

• Overcome Fear of Rejection, Anxiety, and Negative thoughts

• Stop Caring about what people think and live by their values

• Build the Self-confidence to become the person they want to be

• Become the person who has awesome relationships their life

• Push their barriers in life so they find out more about themselves and passions in life

In this Group there will be:

• Inspirational talks from amazing speakers every 2 weeks who will help you make consistent breakthroughs in your everyday life.

• A variety of Workshops every 2 weeks on improving your mindset, conversation skills, goal setting, meditation, finding your purpose and much more, delivered by experts in relevant fields.

• Various Activities such as Dancing, Bungee Jumping, Skydiving, Holding Spiders and more to push your comfort zone.

• Courses in Public Speaking, Stand Up Comedy, Improvisation and Fitness to commit to your development

As a Tag line of "Get Out Your Comfort Zone" is used so you push your boundaries on a daily basis, by facing your fears you continue to grow and build your self esteem and confidence.

Pushing yourself to face your fears will allow you to grow in life,

Look forward to seeing you soon,

Chris Murphy

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