May 2015 LAN - Open LAN, CSGO, LoL, SC2, Dota2

This is a past event

37 people went


CSGO Tournament Brackets:


BYOC $10-20

Registration required (not just rsvp)

Payment online is required for tournaments

Choose one of the following:

CSGO Draft Tournament
(registration closed - sign-up for Open LAN to still come hang out and possible sub for no-show or someone leaving early)
we create balanced teams and hold a tournament in the afternoon/evening - group stage then double elimination with bo3 finals
$20, 40 player limit - Register Here

League of Legends ( (update: no draft tournament due to low registrant count) get together for custom games
20 player limit (free now to up numbers) - Register Here

CSGO Bootcamp ( - get up to speed in playing CSGO competitively with instruction from very experienced and highly ranked players
$5 - Register Here (

Open LAN ( - come play what you want all day, get your friends together to play your favorite games or just hang out and spectate while also having your computer setup
$10 - Register Here (

Dota2 Community Meetup - lets try to get a decent number of players together at this event, play some custom games, and build a good base for future events - register under Open LAN option

(cancelled for this month) Starcraft 2 Draft 2v2 Tournament - we work out balanced teams and hold a tournament
$15, 8 player limit - Register Here

Spectators - Free

Online Payment Form ( - Go here if you have already registered but didn't complete the payment step


Tournament teams will be drafted as soon as registration player limits are hit--so hopefully we can draft teams well before the event. If player limit is not hit then drafting of teams will occur when an even number of players is reached the night before the event, or potentially when tournament check-in closes on the morning of the event. If you are participating in a tournament then check-in by 11 AM.

9:30 AM - Venue opens for attendee setup and check-in

10:00 AM - Begin Open LAN, CSGO Bootcamp, Team Practice, Coaching, etc

11:00 AM - Check-in ends for tournament players

1:00 PM - Tournaments begin by at least this time, potentially earlier if everything is setup and all teams are ready to go

9:00 PM - Event tear down now or at end of tournaments

Please post questions in the comments area and provide suggestions on ways of improving events each month.


Streaming: There is plenty of bandwidth so streaming is welcome

Conduct: The goal of this group and these events is to bring people together and give them a positive environment in which to meet and compete. For this reason we ask that cursing, trash talk and other negativity in general be kept to a minimum.

Alcohol, etc: without bringing in an abc licensed caterer no alcohol is allowed on the premises

Smoking/vaping: Smoking is only allowed at the rear of the building at a designated area. Vaping/e-cigs are allowed in the event space but "smoke" should be kept to a minimum