June 2015 LAN - CSGO, Dota2, LoL, SC2, Open BYOC

This is a past event

57 people went





Registration required, not just RSVP


BYOC stands for "bring your own tower, monitor, keyboard, mouse, cables, etc as well as your own ethernet cable if possible though there are extras available" but instead of BYOTMKMCE we just shorten it to BYOC :-)

Age Limit (none) - for a MeetUp account you are required to be 18 years or older but that is not necessary for our events. Just make sure to register using one of the Register links supplied below. There is no defined age limit but if you are under 13 please bring a parent/guardian with you.

Ride Sharing (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/forms/q1gryqj41iew8ep/) - if you need a ride or can give a ride, fill out this form

Balanced/Draft Team Tournaments

CSGO - 40 players - Register (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/forms/csgo-draft-tournament-june-2015-lan/)
Dota2 - 20 players - Register (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/forms/dota-2-draft-tournament-june-2015-lan/)
LoL - 20 players - Register (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/forms/league-of-legends-draft-tournament-june-2015-lan/)
SC2 - 8 players (2v2) - Register (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/forms/starcraft-2-2v2-tournament-june-2015-lan/)

Tournaments - $20 before June 22nd, $25 after
Open BYOC - $10 - Register (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/forms/open-lan-spot-june-2015-lan/)
Spectators - Free

• Online payment required to avoid no-shows. If you completed registration but not payment step you can use the online payment form (https://dmr83457.wufoo.com/forms/online-payment-june-2015-lan/). Registrations without payment for more than 48 hours will be removed.

• Generally for draft/balanced team tournaments we gather info about every players experience level, whether they have a buddy they would like to play with, then create teams of even abilities

• Tournament sizes can increase if full well before event

• Bootcamp? If you are interested in getting started in a game and learning from more experience players then register for the Open BYOC option and enter relevant info


10:00 AM - final event setup
10:30 AM - doors open, attendee setup, check-in begins
11:30 AM - check-in closes for tournaments
12:30 PM - lunch available (sandwiches)
1:00 PM - tournaments start by this time
5:30 PM - dinnner available (pizza)
9:00 PM - event tear down

• May extend hours if big enough turnout


Streaming: There is plenty of bandwidth so streaming is welcome

Conduct: The goal of this group and these events is to bring people together and give them a positive environment in which to meet and compete. For this reason we ask that cursing, trash talk and other negativity in general be kept to a minimum.

Alcohol, etc: without bringing in an abc licensed caterer no alcohol is allowed on the premises

Smoking/vaping: Smoking is only allowed at the rear of the building at a designated area. Vaping/e-cigs are allowed in the event space but "smoke" should be kept to a minimum


I will be sending out messages requesting info on these items but feel free to post in comments some ideas. Looking for suggestions on....

1. Prizes per tournament relevant to each game
2. Prizes non-game related (ex: paintball certificates)
3. Side games (ex: Reflex, Smash)
4. Additional activities (ex: ping pong)
5. General feedback on how to make the events better
6. Best ways to promote to each game community

Request for Volunteers

Looking for at least a couple people to help cover the following roles for June and hopefully future events...

1. Help setup event as completely as possible a night or two before as well as some final work the day of the event. This can be someone who will also play in a tournament
2. Managing check-in, food and money throughout the day
3. Helping attendees get setup, answer questions, get tournaments started as soon as possible and keep them running smoothly and efficiently throughout the day
4. Managing AV and streaming. On the AV side this involves setting up music to play throughout the day as well as showing logos, brackets and some videos on projection screens. Streaming involves operating the primary event stream, showing various matches and info throughout the day for each game, showing webcams and making sure any tournament specific casters have the information they need.