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How many times have you wanted to go to see a band but you can’t rustle up any interest from your circle of friends? “Never heard of them”, “I’m broke”, “Working in the morning”….you’ve heard all the excuses, so you end up missing out.

Gigonometry, an online group of music fans, aims to end the isolation of the dedicated gig goer forever!

Joining is easy, and instantly puts you in touch with hundreds of others in your area. Next time you want to go to a gig, just send your idea to the group, and before you can say “does anyone….?” you’ll have ample company for the night!

And that’s not all; the group runs a monthly gig in The Workmans Club, meets up to share music ideas, discuss bands, gigs and festivals, even to write reviews on their favourite gigs, albums, bands.....

We look forward to meeting you!!

The Gigonometry team.


Past events (1,573)

The 4 Of Us live and acoustic in Newbridge Town Hall

Newbridge Town FC 5aside

The Very Most, Nous Nous and The May Alter

The Underground Venue

Explosions In The Sky

Vicar Street

Johnny McEvoy live in Booterstown

The Old Punch Bowl


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