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Girl Develop It (GDI) creates welcoming, supportive opportunities for women and non-binary adults to learn software development skills.

Through classes, projects, and events, GDI students develop code, confidence, and community. We envision a world where all people are included and empowered in developing the future of technology. Learn more about Girl Develop It on our website: https://www.girldevelopit.com/

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Please review and commit to our Code of Conduct before joining this group: http://www.girldevelopit.com/codeofconduct

Past events (54)

Code and Coffee: Orange | Build a Snowman in HTML & CSS

1888 Center (Bookstore & Cafe)

Code and Coffee in Huntington Beach!

The Coffee Tale

Code and Coffee: Brea

The International Coffee House

Code and Coffee: Orange (Mini Pumpkins Included!)

1888 Center (Bookstore & Cafe)

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