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Career Day: (Wo)men Jobs - Girl Code at ANWB

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Ineke and 3 others
Career Day: (Wo)men Jobs - Girl Code at ANWB


Your grandma asking: "Say whut?! You are a software developer? Isn't that something for guys?" Or a stakeholder (albeit pleasantly) surprised you are the developer of the team. It's what you (sometimes positively, sometimes neutrally, sometimes even negatively) deal with in a job, we of course perceive as not dependent on a gender, but what some people or even society still often perceives as a men's job.

We as developers aren't alone in these experiences. What about pilots, surgeons, firefighters (in Dutch the most used word even is: brandweermannen, firefightmen), garbage men, car mechanics, CEOs, entrepeneurs etc.? (Laughing out loud when typing these, 'cause why would any of these jobs be a men's job in the first place?)

So we thought it would be a fun outing to hear from other women in (wo)men jobs about their jobs. Have a little career day. I mean, we love to learn new things: so who knows when we want to switch careers again.... (Please don't! We need you in this particular gendergap, ha!)

/// Program ///

18.00 - Doors open/dinner
18.30 - 'Girl Code intro' by Ineke Scheffers
18.35 - 'ANWB intro' by Eva Marie Beij CEO Wegenwacht (Roadside Assistance)
18.50 - 'Being a Firefighter' by Anouk Mentink
19.05 - 'Being a Beer Brewer' by Kim Berkhuizen - Process Technologist
19.20 - 'Being a Programmer' by Gloria Kimbwala
19.35 - 'Being a Doctor at the Surgery Department' by Yosine Delgado MSc.
19.50 - Q&A with all speakers back on stage
20.15 - Snacks and drinks
21.00 - End

/// Hosts ///
Tissaine Marshall
Katja Hollaar
Zhen Hu
Debbie Mijnsbergen
Sabine van der Eijk
Hanny Verkerk
Lisa Uiterwijk
ANWB Hoofdkantoor
Wassenaarseweg 220 · Den Haag, ZH
How to find us

On the parking lot follow the 'personeel'-signs to the staff entrance (on your right when facing the main entrance). Car (free parking), public transport or 12-minute bike ride from The Hague central station. Venue is wheelchair accessible.

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