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How to attract non-code contributions to your OSS projects

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How to attract non-code contributions to your OSS projects


GitHub Meetup Event

Speaker: Logan Kilpatrick

Topic: How to attract non code contributions to your Open-Source project

Open Source is more than just code. An open source community can only thrive when non code contributions are made. This talk will go into the details around why your open source community needs non code contributors and how to attract these contributors.

Using the Julia Language and rOpenSci community as a case study, we will explore how a well formulated ecosystem contributing guide is a critical step to ensure you attract contributions.

Non code contributions also serve as the gateway to more technical contributions over time. This talk aims to lay the groundwork to not only grow your non-technical contributor community, but also how you can help those folks transition to code contributors over time.

Lastly, we will cover actionable first steps you should take to leverage the power of non code contributions in your open source community.

About our speaker:
Logan currently splits his time between a number of professional commitments he is passionate about. He is a full time the Community Manager for the Julia Programming Language, a Teaching Fellow for Harvard University's Extension School course CSCI E-33A, and a technical course assistant for MIT's Introduction to Computational Thinking Course. Additionally, Logan is on the Board of Directors at NumFOCUS.

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