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Event #47: WordPress Community Workshop

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Event #47: WordPress Community Workshop


If you would like to build a website using WordPress, or if you already have a WP site which is having issues, or if you are looking to share your WP knowledge, then this is the gathering to come along to. The idea is that people of all levels of ability can come along, collaborate, and discuss and/or show those aspects of WordPress that are of interest.

This informal get-together is also ideal for anyone who is new to WordPress and looking to find out more. Hear other people share their knowledge and experience, such as:

  • how to know if my WP site is successful?
  • does security really affect my site?
  • tips on making my content (more) engaging
  • making my site work for mobile
  • recommendations on plugins , SEO, accessability
  • and much more ...

Please note that whilst this meetup is free to attend, it cannot provide consultancy or tailored training. Despite saying that, we would hope to at least give you a 'steer' in the right direction or an independent opinion on approaches for your WP site. Remember to please bring a laptop or tablet for best results.

So do you want us to help you get more out of your WordPress site? Then come along and make your WordPress site (even) better!

Sean is looking forward to you seeing you there :-)

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Glasgow WordPress Meetup
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