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What we’re about

Welcome ladies.

This is a group designed by women for women to support each other in becoming the best version of ourselves.


In this time of change you can eiher get caught up in and lose your way or you can decide no matter what your circumstances are YOU are the designer, creator and architect of your life - that you are in control of your future.

In order to turn uncertainty of our new reality into certainty in your ability to create and live the life your were made for... you need a new plan

That is what we will create on this Community

"Fear regret more than failure" Taryn Rose

So what does that look like?

A caring and supportive environment that connects like-minded women together either online or offline.

What are the areas of interest

Confidence building, self worth, decision making, finding your purpose, self trust, mastering your emotions, self sabotage, goal setting, happiness, inner peace, perfectionism, assertiveness, procrastination, leadership and more

"until you make the unconscious conscious it will rule your mind and you will call it fate" Carl Jung

How will that be delivered

This will include workshops, training, discussion groups, accountability group,mindful walks, heart circles, group coaching, one to one coaching, social events.

"surround yourself with people who are only going to lift you higher"

Who is this Community for

Women who are positive, open and prepared to be vunerable and pro-active. Also those who can contribute to the group, is this you?

"On the other side of fear lies freedom!" unknown

I look forward to meeting you

Until then