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This group was called Startup Ventures but changed its name to Tech adn BlockChain Angels. Startup Ventures meeting has merged with our partner Angel Launch which runs several meetups. If you want to join those meetups connecting tech startups to angels, you can do a search for "Angel Launch" in meetup to join our group. This group will now focus on general tech (enterprise, consumer apps, devices and platforms) and blockchain, with some crypto.

Join this meetup if you want to learn about investing and raising funding for blockchain and crypto trends right smack in the heart of Silicon Valley in held in Palo Alto and San Francisco. Join our list and you will not get only get invites to our awesome venture forums and programs which we produce, but also free tickets to mixers, programs and summits from many of our partners.

We try when possible to get sponsors to we can offer free drinks and food, or have low cost options. when we have a sponsor, and all of our events are low cost with food and drinks. Many startups have met investors and partners at our events for long term deals. We connect investors and angels to startups, entrepreneurs and small business owners for early and mid stage funding.

We produce our own events, and also promote free events from our partners. With the large number of startups competing for funds, its difficult to raise funds and increase brand awareness to get the attention of potential funders. We offer high quality events where ICOS can meet accredited and public investors looking for funding opportunities.

Apply to Speak on topics or Present to Investors:
Investors, Startups, Banks, Startups, and Experts can apply to speak on our panels.
Send email with bio and areas of expertise to Speaker@Angellaunch.com.

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Network with potential partners, investors and other key industry players.
=Learn about new startups that promise to disrupt incumbents technologies that could upgrade your business.
=Understand how new core technology and applications are evolving from new pressures in the legal, financial, governmental, and technological arenas.
=Explore use cases across a variety of business applications, and understand what’s possible for your business.

Here are topics we address:

• Overview of how Bitcoins are valued, traded, and organized; how its used for commence; and how accounts are managed.

• Attracting funding for startups

• Strategies for investors to maximize returns

• Understand implications for blockchain to transform financial services and banking
Investigate impact of blockchain on legal, financial, governmental, and technological operations

Who Should Attend?
Anyone with an interest in market opportunities and investment opportunities for bitcoins, blockchain, virtual currencies, or startups relevant to the marketplace including:

•Angels and accredited investors
• Developers
•Startups and Entrepreneurs
• Financial professionals
•Fintech and hedge funds
• Private equity, corporate, angel and venture capital investors
• Banks and financial institutions
• Credit and loyalty solution providers
• Consultants
• Data and payment processors
• eCommerce and online retail
• Hardware
• Legal professionals
• Lenders
• Payment and billing solutions
• Security solution providers
• Service providers

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HealthTech/BIotech/Med Devices Demo Night

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Free Startup Trip to China

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VIP Investor Dinner and Demo Showcase

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Backyard Capital VIP Investor BBQ

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