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This meetup needs an organizer. Contact me if you're interested or try these active global warming groups; The SFV Environment & Animal Lovers' Group The Malibu Global Warming Group West L.A. Environment Meetup Group

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Check out this organization - Pelican Rescue
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Hi All, I just found out to due to the rise in temperature in the Ocean, the number of Pelicans are on the decline. There are also other threats like fishermen's lines that they get caught in and pollution. If you are interested in learning more, donating or volunteering please check out this website http://www.pelicanres... (http://www.pelicanrescueteam.com/) If you want to volunteer, let me know...maybe we can go together, make an event out of it!

Green Festival in Los Angeles 10/29 and 10/30
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Los Angeles Convention Center

After 10 years, the nation’s premier green living event is finally coming to Los Angeles. The first ever Green Festival Los Angeles is a weekend-long celebration of sustainable living with gourmet food (and organic beer and wine, naturally), eco shopping, live music and lifestyle workshops. The amazing lineup of speakers includes “Democracy Now!” host Amy Goodman, Bill McGibben author and environmentalist, Activist and former senator Tom Hayden and GMO expert and author Jeffrey Smith. Wear your best eco costume and trick or treat the festival floor.

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