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This is a group inspired by the work and example of Jordan B. Peterson. Click HERE (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-XvI6Y5Yq8o) for a 10 minute videoclip -- a sample of his public appearances. Though his message is about individual responsibility and personal excellence, it can best (only?) be achieved within a supporting group. Join us!

There are multiple clusters of interest. Not all members will be attracted by the same facets of the Jordan Peterson phenomenon. On your Profile page, please indicate -- using a string of Roman numerals -- what your main interests are -- in decreasing order, if you care to. This way, when we plan the time and location of meetups addressing a specific cluster or a set of clusters, you will be contacted and you can contribute your input.

* I *

CLUSTER # 1: We look at the whole Jordan B Peterson phenomenon in context and as it keeps unfolding. What's the latest news, video, etc? How is Jordan Peterson unique, formidable? Whom can he be compared to? What are his idiosyncrasies, blind spots, shortcomings? What are the fair criticisms that can be unleashed at him, at his fans? Is this movement sustainable? We examine his stances on politics, educational controversies, culture wars, etc. Without aiming at dogmatism or catechism, we try to identify, discern his position, his answers regarding a multiplicity of topics, life situations. Our civil discussions will typically be based on short videos and any short reading material.

** II **

CLUSTER # 2: We proactively work on dimensions of personal growth (psychology, morality, responsibility, social skills...) -- individually or in relationship, like with a spouse. No reading is required; there are plenty of short videos available. Still we'll rely extensively on Peterson's recent book 12 RULES FOR LIFE. This cluster involves a certain amount of disclosing to fellow members one's personal progress, struggles, plans for the future. All with the proper balance of respect, confidentiality, support and freedom. Some of us will invest $15 in purchasing the self-authoring package.

** III **

CLUSTER # 3: We hold intelligent discussions on Peterson's insights on mythology, religion, the Bible, Jungian thinking, morality, meaning of life. Our exchanges are based on videos and any short reading material. We'll definitely sample Peterson's book MAPS OF MEANING -- like his chapter summaries. Yes, a certain "theoretical", "deep" flavor to our discussions, though they are never meant to intimidate anyone.

** IV **

CLUSTER # 4: We read closely his 2 books, 12 RULES FOR LIFE and MAPS OF MEANING -- like a chapter or even just 20 pages at a time. The reading material will always be available at no charge (such as downloadable PDFs of scanned pages).

** V **

CLUSTER # 5: Without losing our main focus, we have fun sampling certain books and films esteemed and recommended by Peterson. Nietzsche, Solzhenitsyn, Pinocchio... What else comes to mind?

** VI **

CLUSTER # 6: We explore -- and look at possible implementation of -- Peterson's analysis and practical recommendations concerning the social, the institutional, the political, the cultural, etc. -- and their renewal. In particular, what does his work and vision say about small communities of care and responsibility. Can conservative and liberal folks work together? Religious, atheists, "nones"? Etc.

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