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Join us for meditation sessions and public lectures on the gnostic teachings, a practical, spiritual and scientific methodology for transforming suffering and acquiring personal knowledge of the divine.

Gnosis is the universal wisdom at the heart of all great religions and mystical traditions, and has manifested through innumerable teachers and spiritual guides. At the Gnostic Academy of Chicago, we study the nature of the complete human being through a variety of practices and subjects: gnosticism, meditation, consciousness, Buddhism, kabbalah, alchemy and tantra, yoga, self-transformation, alternative medicine, spiritual initiation, the tarot, astrology, dreams and astral projection, awakening, Kundalini and more.

Gnosis is a revolutionary mystical science aimed at the complete development of the human being. Gnosis is about acquiring direct experience of fundamental mystical truths, to know the mysteries of life and death for oneself, and goes far beyond intellectualism, speculations, beliefs or theories. What we seek to impart is the practical wisdom of how to change our life into something better, through the comprehensive didactic of self-knowledge, compassion and understanding.

These practical teachings are available to all people, regardless of language, culture, race or gender. We welcome people from all religions and denominations toward the study of actualizing our intimate potential.
If you are interested in learning more, study the article: What is Gnosis and Gnosticism?

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May the most profound peace reign within your heart!

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