What we're about

GodKulture is a rich and diverse global community of creative spirits influencing the world with the culture of the kingdom.


As an organization, Godkulture upholds four basic truths:


We believe in the supreme Being that created the universe. He is in control of everything seen and unseen, yet He loves every individual madly. This God created the whole earth with everything in it; and when humanity sinned, He sent His son, Jesus, to die for the world and reconcile all men to Him. This God, our Father, is love personified.

This is the ‘kulture’ that we propagate. Its basis is on the call to return to a relationship with God and to impact our world with the excellence He imparts within as well as to be examples of His brilliance in thought and in deed. Most importantly, the ‘kulture’ is a call to love – to reach out in love to others, give help to those that are helpless, and equip others to fulfill their destinies.

We worship a creative God, whose mastery speaks in the beauty of the stars, the varieties of creatures on land and in the oceans, and the diversity of mankind. We are the workmanship of this God, and are therefore creators as He is. Through God in us, we establish and support inventive products, events, systems, and organizations that positively impact our generation.

We create ART using multiple channels. We do this through the overt sense of the word in design, dance, literature, music, and the visual arts. Likewise, we do this though the covert sense of the word in enterprise and other innovative ventures. We use every means to propagate the good news of Jesus Christ.

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