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What we’re about

We help believers in Christ discern, believe in, and bring to fruition God’s vision for their lives.

You have a dream, a vision. Maybe you’re not sure if it’s a good idea or a God idea. Or both. We are here to help you clarify that and, if it’s a God idea, to help you a) believe it’s possible and b) bring it to fruition.

We hold monthly events that help you:

  • Learn how to dream and believe bigger
  • Learn how to discern God’s voice and direction
  • Discover whether the path you’re on is the right one
  • Discover and get clear on your values
  • Find out how to make Vision Boards from a Christ-centered perspective
  • Find out how neuroscience can align with God’s dream for your life
  • Get inspired to take action on the dreams God has given you
  • Get inspired to persevere until your vision comes to pass

In addition:

  • We share miracle and answered prayer stories from our own lives
  • Invite you to share your answered prayer stories
  • Pray with you for your dreams
  • Host “Future Parties”
  • Offer individual & group coaching

Who we are:

We are, before all else, passionate lovers of Jesus Christ. Everything we do begins with prayer. From that stems our passion to love all people and to help you tap into God’s dream for your life.

Paige Benjamin is a fashion designer, style expert, and filmmaker. 
Monique Vanessa Amado is a writer, actor, filmmaker, singer, dancer, speaker, and professional life coach.

What we believe:

We believe that Jesus Christ is God. Not just a wise sage, but God in the flesh. We believe that he died and gave his life for all people (not just the ones we have an affinity for) and that through him (and especially his resurrection) all things are possible to those who believe. And when we say “all things,” we mean all things.