GolangBelgrade meetup #3 - What can you make in 48h?

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A lot of new technologies nowadays are so complex that you need hours just to grasp the basic setup and hello world of the project. Go throws away all of that complexity away and opinionatedly shows that simplicity and flexibility are the correct path to take.

Talk #1

Andrej (https://rs.linkedin.com/in/andrej-bencic-3122b291), Lazar (https://rs.linkedin.com/in/lazar-travica-2a549b75) and Bogdan (https://rs.linkedin.com/in/bogdan-habic-057a0659) will share their experience from the GopherGala 2016 where they had 48 hours to make something useful. During the Gala, they found out how easy is to write and reason about Go code, how Go's primitives and stdlib provide a great toolset jumpstart any project, and how easy it is to learn (Bogdan was writing the language for the first time!).

Talk #2

What can do a complete Go beginner in just 48 hours using just literature from the Internet and three days of previous Go experience? Ivan (https://github.com/startupit69) will present us a tool (https://github.com/gophergala2016/go_cover_reporter) which he made during GopherGala and share his experience with Go from perspective of experienced software developer.