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Ops Gophers

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David L. and Surma


Fellow Gophers,

after a busy month with Google I/O and Berlin’s very own Google I/O Extended, it is finally time for the next meetup with Go content.

Posteo kindly offered to host us this time around at their offices. We will gather at 6pm.

Posteo's very own Philipp Bruell will talk about an in-memory database which uses UDP Multicast to distribute its content among the instances.

Peter Bourgon has offered to talk about SoundCloud’s “roshi”, a CRDT set implementation for timestamped events.

Since our last open discussion was very well received, we would like to do another one. The topic of Operations with Go has consistently been brought up and since we have a lot of members who use Go in production, so we figured a lot of experience can be shared here.

See you then,

the Organizers

Methfesselstr. 38 · Berlin