Golang Meetup - Mar 2020 [Online]

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Hello Gophers,
We hope all of you are coping well in the current Covid-19 situation.
We have not been in touch for a while and we hope to bring some positive energy to the community by bringing back Golang topics through online delivery.

Special thanks to Hackerspace and Engineers.SG for recording venue and assistance!

We have 2 speakers lined up:
7:00pm - "Code generation in Go: Code generation need not always be a bad thing" - by Sudarshan Reddy

This is a talk about how we used the power of `go generate` and templates to make our life slightly easier in Zalora.

7:45pm - "Containerize Image Recognition Application using Golang + Docker + Tenserflow" - by Sangam

Containerization became one of popular practices for packaging applications and Dependencies. In this talk we will dicuss around Golang for training tenserflow model and Containerize it to run, ship build at any platform using docker.

About our speakers:
Sudarshan is the lead engineer for Zalora's backend (mobile) team. I have about 8.5 years of Software Engineering experience. I started off as an Embedded engineer before moving to higher level programming. My go to languages at the moment are Go, Rust and Python. I like distributed systems, cryptography and systems programming.

Sangam is Docker Community Leader and Okteto Community Lead, and Traefik Ambassador India. Sangam is blogger engineitops.com where he write mostly about CNCF opens source projects | Golang | Docker | IOT | Kubernetes and Linux Kernel. He provide training & Consultancy around Golang , Docker & Kubernetes and started Gopherlabs (gopherlabs.collabnix.com).