Golang Online Meetup - Dec 2021

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Halo GoSGreans,

We are back on December as our last meetup of the year.

We wish to mingle with all of you again in the virtual world of gather.town with our speakers!

Seats are limited due to platform constraints.

We welcome further feedback how can we make the social connections better.

Event Agenda:

[Gather.Town] 1845 - 1900: Pre-meetup socialising in gather.town

[Youtube Stream] 1900 - 1945: "Image processing in Go" - Chang Sau Seong, CEO at SP Digital

How to do image processing in Go with only the standard library

[Gather.Town] 1945 - 2000: Half-time break (See you all in gather.town)

[Youtube Stream] 2000 - 2045: "Practical development practices: Refactoring, Testing and Documenting with Go" - Loh Siu Yin, Engineering Manager at Xendit

I've been asked to write some software.
Where do I start? How do I know I am writing what my customer needs?

Do I refactor? Whey do I refactor?
Do I test first or test later?

Must I document? How? When?

[Gather.Town] 2045 - 2100: Post-meetup socialising in gather.town

Special shout-out to Google Developers Space Singapore (https://devspace-sg.dev) for bridging our communities and powering the event 🎉🎉