Joint GolangNYC ✈ GoSF Meetup - 2 Awesome Talks!


"No one has Meetups in December"? Well, let's do it anyway! East Meets West.

➤➤ AGENDA ➤➤

7:00 - Community Announcements and Job Postings
7:10 - Speakers
• Talk 1: Gophers guide to Data Streaming at Scale with Benthos, Mihai Todor
• Talk 2: Using GCP and Docker for Schedule Based Go Scripts, Miriah Peterson

8:45: Q&A, Jet Brains Raffle & Closing Remarks

➤➤ TALK 1: Gophers guide to Data Streaming at Scale with Benthos ➤➤

Benthos ( is a declarative data streaming service written in Go. The talk will dive into both real-time streaming and batch ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) workflows as well as scalability requirements for such systems, then zoom into Benthos and describe its core functionality, usage examples, extensibility, and monitoring. Finally, it will cover open source development, future plans and guidelines for building a vibrant contributor community.

Mihai is a seasoned software engineer and technical leader focused on mentoring peers and designing, building, and scaling distributed microservice-based cloud-agnostic systems and Data Streaming products by writing and leveraging Open Source software using Go and running it in the Cloud on Kubernetes. He is a contributor to, the stream processor of choice for mundane tasks.

➤➤ TALK 2: Using GCP and Docker for Schedule Based Go Scripts ➤➤

Sometimes we need our apps to run via Cron style scheduling. In this talk, we will explore using Cloud Run and docker images to run a cron style go app.

Miriah is currently a Data Engineer at Weave in Lehi, Utah, Miriah focuses on scaling data infrastructure platforms and pipelines. Sharing knowledge and experiences is a focus Miriah’s career. She has given many talks on machine learning, data engineering, and data architecture strategy. Additionally, she works in the community as a board member for the Forge Foundation Inc and organizer of GoWest Conference, WomenWhoGo Utah meetup, and Machine Learning Utah meetup.


Thank you to our sponsors JFrog, Jet Brains, Gotham Go and DeepSource !!!

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