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A Big Welcome To Gold Coast Social Events!

As we've grown into one of the biggest Meetup groups on the Gold Coast, we've also become one of the most diversified. Our goal is to encourage a wide range of people to participate in activities that interest them and, in doing so, meet like-minded friends. GCSE members have a range of backgrounds, ages and personalities so we aim to offer an ever expanding variety of events and aspire to have something for everyone. In short, GCSE is not based on one person's interests. It is a group for each and every one of YOU. Our (fantastic!) team of organisers each host the events that they enjoy and, between us, we hold events such as:

#Movies #Hiking #Pubs/Club Nights, Pub Crawls and Sunday Sessions #Live Bands #Motor Racing #Camping & Weekends Away Boat Trips #Sporting Events inc. AFL/NRL/SOO #BBQ’s & Picnics #Comedy Shows #Cheap Eats And Markets #Family Friendly Events #Airshows #Fancy Dress Nights #Dining Out #Kayaking #Race Days #Anything else you can suggest and/or would like to organise

Just because we haven't held a particular type of event yet, doesn't mean that there aren't members out there who would love to take part in it. We love our members to be active, attend events and, if they're keen, step up and volunteer to organise something that suits their own unique interests.


Singles and couples welcome. Meetup newbies and regulars from other groups/states/countries are also all welcome. We are a group for everyone so, if you want to enjoy good company, expand your social circle and make like-minded friends, then this is your group and this is your moment :-) Be brave, fill in the request to join and start RSVP-ing to events and posting in discussions. Make sure you click 'YES' for events you'll be attending so we know to expect you. No need to RSVP with 'NO' unless you're cancelling.

Lastly, to make your debut into our big social network as smooth as possible, please check out the boring, but important, information posted below.

We look forward to meeting you!!!!


Contact information:

For questions about a specific event, please contact your event organiser/s. You can post in the discussion of that event, send a Meetup message or phone/text if your event organiser provided their number. Unless we are hosting the event ourselves, the co-organisers and group organiser can't tell you about the specific arrangements your event organiser has made.

For concerns and questions about GCSE in general, drop a message to the group organizer (that's me - Ange) and I'll help any way I can.


T's & C's (zzzzzzz!)


RSVPs are super important to our organisers. Some events are posted on multiple web sites and/or require bookings. Having accurate numbers helps our organisers make the best plans, as well as keeping our group on good terms with the venues. GCSE organisers are all volunteers and contribute their time to host events for the rest of us to enjoy. Please be courteous to them by keeping the following in mind:

• Please do RSVP 'YES' if you are planning to attend and, please, do take a moment to double check the date. We understand that life happens and cancellations are sometimes necessary. If that is the case, please change your RSVP to “No” as soon as possible and help us avoid a rash of “OMG, I forgot!” cancellations the night before an event.

• Please post in the event's discussion, or text/message your organiser, if you have a last minute cancellation or are running late. Again, some events have a very specific start times (placing food orders, the start of a show or departing from the meeting location). We ask everyone to be especially considerate in those cases.

• Sadly, 'no shows' have become a real problem with some Meetup groups. Meetup HQ have developed tools and suggestions for organisers to combat this. Repeat offenders (who repeatedly fail to show or regularly cancel on the day of the event, without explanation) may be removed from the group. We hate doing this but we love our organisers and realise the difficulty and embarrassment that 'no shows' can cause.


Sometimes our organisers incur expenses in the process of hosting their Meetup events. In those cases, they may ask attendees for a gold coin donation to contribute towards covering that cost. As our organisers are volunteers who already give their time freely, GCSE supports them in this practice, should they find it necessary.

Personal Responsibility:

As with all the Meetup groups, Gold Coast Social Events is not a registered association or official club. It is a web site designed to encourage like-minded people to participate in various activities together, rather than on their own. Therefore, our Meetup group and organisers cannot be held responsible for any accidents or injuries that may occur during the event or in the future, as a result of the event. Our organisers also cannot provide any definitive guidance on the fitness levels required for various activities or the safety of attending particular venues. It is up to individual members to determine if they possess suitably robust, good health to undertake each activity. It's also incumbent on members to be responsible for their own personal safety during the Meetup and while travelling to and from. By RSVP-ing YES, you indicate that you have taken all of the above into consideration and accept full responsibility for your own well-being and safety.


With literally thousands of members, GCSE may periodically remove profiles that have been inactive for an extended period, in order to keep things manageable. Hunting through 600 Johns (most of whom moved to the other end of the country in 2014) in order to find the one person we need to contact, can be frustrating! If you find that you have been removed but were just taking a long break, please rejoin. We'll have you back up and attending events in no time :)

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