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This group is for people who want to experience Awakening and become Enlighten. Meditations, and special processes to connect mankind directly to the Supreme Light of Supreme Love and completely transform your life. Founded by Spiritual Teachers Amma & Bhagawan in India.

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Special Event: Secret to Wealth & Perfect Career & SLSL Initiation

- Pranic Meditation - Secret to Wealth & Perfect Career Process - Supreme Love of Supreme Light Initiation

Cleanse & Protect Ur Energy & Home & Supreme Light of Supreme Love Initiation

- Pranic Meditation - Cleansing your Energy - Cleansing the energy of your home - Protecting your energy - Protecting the energy in your home - Supreme Light of Supreme Love Initiation

Sri Amma Bhagavan's Sacred Chambers

"Our Light House"

- Pranic Meditation - Lecture & Process (Awakening the Divine Inside & Deepening your bond with the divine) - Sacred Chambers Everything in life is easy when you have a strong connection to the divine. Healing relationships, charges, overcoming obstacles and fulfilling your desires all have one thing in common - you need the divines help. By simply Awakening this connection you can completely change the game. Hope to see you there!

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