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What we’re about

Do you eat , sleep and dream golf? If you do, you are a golf addict! This is a group for all golf enthusiasts, all levels of golf addiction are welcomed. We will fix your golf addictions on local or overseas golf courses. Where the greens are we will hunt them down for you. Golf Addicts enjoy organising golf games local and overseas golf. 

Give yourself a chance to meet friends, play golf and enjoy a leisure outing on our golfing meetups. Golfers of all levels are welcomed. If you love golf, you will love us.

Just a few naggy house rules.
1) Profile protection. To protect all members would really appreciate if you could load a clear profile picture of your awesome self and also input a valid first name for identification purposes.  

2) Events-wise, if you are keen in an event, do RSVP promptly. Some golf course has minimum pax required per flight. So to ensure that you do not disappoint others, please update your RSVP promptly and turn up if you have confirmed your attendance.  

3) Membership-wise. Please try to take part in our events. We prefer a group of active members than a huge group of dormant members. Do note that we will screen inactive members every 3 months.


Golf Addicts Organisers!

Instagram @thegolfaddictsg