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Visualize data with Data Studio | Video Games + Deep Convolutional Neural Nets
Agenda : 6:00pm - 6:30pm Check-in and networking over food and drinks 6:30pm: Talks Visualize all your data with Data Studio Applying Deep Convolutional Neural Nets to Video Games Talk: Visualize all your data with Data Studio Description: Data Studio is Google’s next gen business intelligence and visualization platform. Data Studio lets users build live, interactive dashboards with beautiful data visualizations, for free. Users can fetch their data from a variety of sources and create unlimited reports in Data Studio, with full editing and sharing capabilities. Community Connectors is a feature for Data Studio that lets users use Apps Script to build connectors to any internet accessible data source. Developers can build, share, and publish their connectors. In this talk, we will give an overview of Data Studio, show how Community Connectors work, and show how anyone can connect to their data and visualize it in Data Studio. Talk: Applying Deep Convolutional Neural Nets to Video Games Description: In this talk, Farza will be going over how he created a tool named "DeepLeague" which applies convolutional neural nets to do object detection within video games using YOLO-net. He'll be going over the process of how he programmatically built a custom dataset of 100,000 images, trained a neural network from scratch, and released the tool for popular professional gaming teams to use. About the Speakers: Minhaz Kazi is the Developer Advocate for Google Data Studio. As a business intelligence veteran, Minhaz is always exploring new ways for developers to collect, analyze, and visualize data. He is available for long discussions on circular reference errors, benefits of pie charts, SQL commas, and design of everyday things. Hi! My name's Farza and I do lots of stuff :). Most recently, I've been doing lots of work in computer vision/deep learning and got my start in the field doing research in academia with self-driving cars. I then went on to apply deep learning to something I enjoy a lot: video games. I won't discuss it much here since that's what my talk is all about, but my work is currently being used by a number of professional gaming teams to help them improve their analytics. Other than vision, I love building augmented reality iOS apps in Swift and websites in Node :). I currently work for a y-combinator company as an engineer. • Important to know Our Code of Conduct is located at:

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The San Francisco chapter of GDG aims to provide technical training on emerging google technologies, as well as to provide a environment that facilitates networking. GDG SF will be hosted once a month in San Francisco.

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