6 Cloud Native Talks, 1 Evening: Special KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU Meetup!

GOTO Meetups Copenhagen
GOTO Meetups Copenhagen
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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2018 is coming up and there are so many AWESOME speakers coming to Copenhagen! We're partnering up with Docker CPH meetup for a great evening of learning and networking.

Talks start promptly at 5:30 so we can accommodate all of our speakers. We will serve drinks and light food with vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options but please contact us if you have any other dietary requirements!

And a big tusind tak to Cloudflare (https://www.cloudflare.com), Dotmesh (https://dotmesh.com/) and Humio (http://humio.com/) for helping sponsor!

TALK 1: FaaS and Furious - 0 to Serverless in 60 Seconds, Anywhere
SPEAKER: Alex Ellis, creator of OpenFaaS and Senior Staff Engineer (Open Source) at VMware: https://www.alexellis.io/
Being locked into one provider has its limitations. With OpenFaaS you can package anything as a serverless function - from Node.js to Golang to C#, even binaries. Explore how functions fit into your existing applications and how this project offers true portability by targeting Docker and Kubernetes.

TALK 2: Debugging cloud native apps with a service mesh
SPEAKER: Franziska von der Goltz, Software Engineer at Buoyant: https://buoyant.io/
Observability and monitoring are different, but complementary, needs for production apps. Monitoring focuses on the overall health of your systems. Observability provides granular metrics to describe the the behavior of your systems along with their context. When running cloud native microservices, the overall health of service communication is not only paramount but you also must be able to closely observe to solve any issues. We'll cover how to dig into service communications more deeply and easily than ever before by using the Conduit service mesh.

TALK 3: How to extend your Kubernetes cluster
SPEAKERS: Ross Guarino, Systems Engineer at Cloudflare and Terin Stock, Systems Engineer at Cloudflare: https://www.cloudflare.com/
A brief introduction to controllers, webhooks and CRDs. Ross and Terin will talk about how Cloudflare’s internal platform builds on Kubernetes.

TALK 4: Bringing data into the circle of control - Data management is killing your velocity!
SPEAKER: Kai Davenport, Engineer at dotmesh: https://dotmesh.com/
Data management issues cause tremendous pain throughout the software development life cycle, and the increased adoption of cloud native computing practices is exacerbating the problem as applications change faster and employ multiple databases behind their microservices. We’ll highlight three areas where data is causing software teams to grind to a halt and introduce dotmesh, an open source tool that we’ve developed which starts to address these issues.

TALK 5: Onboarding issues in large open source projects
SPEAKER: Ellen Körbes, Big Data Developer at Keyrus: http://ellenkorbes.com/
Extremely large open source projects face a peculiar set of challenges. Among them is the question of on-boarding, and many of you who have tried to contribute to such projects have lived these issues yourselves. We'll discuss the challenges and solutions in this area, and in particular how it applies to Kubernetes, and what efforts are being done to make the project more accessible. Super relevant for anyone interested in contributing to Kubernetes or other projects of similar magnitude.

TALK 6: Cloud Native Observability 101
SPEAKER: Martin Westergaard Lassen, Infrastructure Automation Engineer at Humio: http://humio.com/
Cloud Native systems are made up of many moving parts that can fail, that are then built on top of and integrated with systems that can also fail. The first step is to increase the Observability. High quality, centralised logging that gives access to the log stream as navigable events is a crucial underpinning of system observability. Martin will demo how to use the powerful observability capabilities of Humio, plus the learning-loops of Chaos Engineering, to work with and improve your critical, Cloud Native systems.