Building Complex, React Native Apps with Draftbit


Join us for a GOTO Night Chicago with Peter Piekarczyk

TALK: Building Complex, React Native Apps with Draftbit

"We’re entering a new era of app development. Whether you believe it or not, we’re pushing the boundaries and creating much more complex experiences. We’re building layer upon and coming up with new ideas and techniques along the way.

The exciting part? We’re making the current experiences much easier.

Don’t believe me? Time shows consistent software development over time. It becomes a lot more obvious if you look at software development over the history of 40 years.

In this talk I’ll talk about what the future of software development might look like and some of the tools that are starting to popup to make developer’s lives easier.

Developers want to focus on doing the cool shit, so let’s keep doing cool shit 👌🏻"


Peter Piekarczyk is the co-founder of Draftbit: a tool that allows anyone to build native apps visually with almost no learning curve. He's Expo's first user and is a huge fan of ReasonML. In his free time he takes plant pics on instagram (@petersplantss), drinks way too much coffee, cycles along the river and is a Y Combinator alumn.


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