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Join us for the next GOTO Night Chicago with Bryan Sills, John Burns, Mary Grygleski and Rick Busarow

What will you learn?
A brief review of this year's new features and developments in Kotlin, KLint: an open source Linter for Kotlin

By Bryan Sills - > KLint: an open source Linter for Kotlin

This talk is for folks who want to keep a clean and readable Kotlin codebase. First, I'll persuade you to stop arguing over code style preferences and instead rely on Ktlint to enforce a simple, consistent formatting. Next, I'll walk you through integrating it into your own project and setting it up to automatically reformat offending code.

By John Burns -> Kotlin in 2019

A brief review of the new features and developments this year in Kotlin.
This will cover:
- Gradle Multiplatform projects
- Improvements for inline classes
- Operations for unsigned number arrays
- Experimental functions in the standard library
- Accessing the reified type using reflection on JVM
- Functions for bit manipulation
- Duration and Time Measurement API
- Null-check optimizations planned for Kotlin 1.4

By Mary Grygleski -> Reactive Streams - Kotlin Style!

We have heard a lot about the reactive buzzword since the early 2010's, but what exactly does it mean for Kotlin? What kind of support and capabilities do we currently have in Kotlin which supports, for example, the Reactive Streams? This short talk introduces the audience to asynchronous processing in Kotlin coroutines, and discusses the support of Reactive Streams with backpressure capabilities in Kotlin through Spring Reactor

By Rick Busarow -> Fakes and Mocks and Spies - Oh My

Let's talk about testing support. There's no shortage of opinions on how to handle subject dependencies, but no option fits all scenarios. I'll share tips on writing maintainable, useful tests quickly.

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