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• What we'll do After creating one of the most successful accelerator programs and working with entrepreneurs for the past 4 years, we decided to take our vision global. Today we are represented in 25 countries. And since we cannot bring millions of entrepreneurs to Silicon Valley – we need to do something radical different. We, the founders of Society3, are used to disrupt and make a difference. Today we begin to make a difference in how entrepreneurs in all countries get supported, treated more equally and have a chance to become a big company as if they would have started in Silicon Valley. We need to rethink our abilities to permanently collaborate on a global scale. Creating a simple copy of Silicon valley is not going to work and definitely not the very spirit of Silicon Valley. Disrupting the main disrupter is. The digital world already holds all the necessary assets. We don’t won’t to ‘improve’ Silicon Valley but stand on it’s shoulders taking the amazing culture that was created there to an all new level. AGENDA * THE NEW EXCHANGE Creating a global exchange for innovative minds. How can entrepreneurs, investors and enabler benefit. What’s our experience after 20 years Silicon valley. How can every entrepreneur around the world leverage global connections. * GLOBAL ACCELERATOR Running the first global online accelerator so every entrepreneur can join, no matter where they are. Main topics are: Bold visions, disruptive business models, zero budget go-to-market strategy, traction and growth hacking, fundraising. * INTERNATIONAL TRADE FOR EVERY STARTUP Building the first global trading & transaction system for young entrepreneurs using blockchain technology. Getting business rolling into almost any country faster then ever before imaginable – at nearly no cost. There is no substitute for a great in person meeting, like there is no substitute for an amazing live concert. Yet we hear MP3 music every day. This online conference is about online engagements, creating a mindset for online collaboration and an experiment to create a permanently connect online ecosystem – very much like Silicon Valley. HOW TO CREATE A SILICON VALLEY CULTURE? Every group of autonomous people can create a culture. We are on the verge of creating an all new entrepreneurs culture and significantly increase startup success rates no matter where they are located. We do not want to change anybody or their culture. But we want to connect those, globally, who already have a good idea about an open and sharing ecosystem where we all can learn from each other and build businesses who can grow fast, create new jobs and provide value. On April 5 we want to talk about how we can do that and how the culture in Silicon Valley was created. All you need is an internet connection and a way to listen and ideally talk online. Please register here: • What to bring • Important to know Please register here:

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    We are a community of entrepreneurs helping others gain rapid market traction and be well prepared to go fundraising. We conduct Startup Night events in San Francisco, Berlin, Munich, Zurich and soon in Singapore.

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