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GOTO Nights are free community events brought to you by the GOTO (https://gotopia.tech (https://gotopia.tech/)) team.

Our mission at GOTO is bring to you the creators and builders of the tools and technologies that you use everyday along with the thought leaders who highlight what’s coming next.

Tech topics we are passionate about include Programming Languages and Frameworks (mostly back-end), Event-Driven Architecture, Microservices, Machine Learning, AI (& society), The Human Factor of Tech and IoT to name a few.

Any questions, comments or topic ideas? Feel free to contact Marco (mto@trifork.com). You can also let her know if you know of a cool speaker as we are always looking to collaborate on our community events.

See you at our next meetup! In the meantime, check out our over a thousand top-rated talks from our past conferences over on our GOTO Conferences YouTube channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCb4rtedNVO8eRB-XfTO8kag ).

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Testing in Production

Online event

** PLEASE REGISTER HERE ** https://trifork.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_BUc-aFgXTO2rgNKmL6TUTg Join us for the online meetup "Testing in Production" with Talia Nassi. This GOTO night is focused on the testing in production, its benefits and impact. Venue/Host: Zoom Costs: Free of charge Speaker: Talia Nassi ABOUT THE TALK By testing in production, you have increased accuracy of test results, your tests will run faster due to the elimination of mocks and bad data, and you will have higher confidence before releases. During this GOTO Night, Talia will answer following questions: - What is the problem with staging environments? - What is testing in production? - How to implement it safely with feature flags? - Why its more beneficial to test in production? - What is the impact of testing in production? AGENDA 5:00pm — Welcome to this GOTO Night with Talia Nassi 5:05pm — Talia Nassi will present his subject of the day 5:30pm — Live Q&A with Talia Nassi 5:55pm — Event wrap up ABOUT THE SPEAKER Talia Nassi is an international keynote speaker who gives conference talks on all things testing and quality. She is a developer advocate at Split.io where she works closely with engineering teams globally to ship software more efficiently. Talia is passionate about feature flagging, canary launches, CI/CD, testing in production and A/B testing. She has spoken at countless conferences internationally, ranging from audiences of 100 to 2000. Topic focus: Software ** PLEASE REGISTER HERE ** https://trifork.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_BUc-aFgXTO2rgNKmL6TUTg

Live Ask Me Anything with Dave Farley

Online event

** PLEASE REGISTER HERE ** https://airtable.com/shriLinGawUgb3huZ?prefill_Event=Dave%20Farley%20-%20Live%20%23AskMeAnything Join us in this Ask Me Anything session (AMA) with Dave Farley on YouTube (Live) and have him answer any burning technical questions you can think of around programming, architecture, continuous delivery, DevOps, and agile! Location: YouTube (Live) Please note: We encourage you to ask your questions before the event starts. This way, we can make a full use of the hour with our expert, Dave Farley, and make sure that you will get your answers during our Live AMA session. You can submit your questions through the registration form. ABOUT THE SPEAKER Dave Farley is a thought leader in the field of continuous delivery, DevOps and software development in general. He is co-author of the Jolt-award winning book "Continuous Delivery", one of the authors of "Reactive Manifesto", an independent software developer and consultant, and founder and director of Continuous Delivery Ltd. Dave has been having fun with computers for over 30 years; has worked on most types of software, from firmware, through tinkering with operating systems and device drivers, to writing games and commercial applications of all shapes and sizes. He started working in large scale distributed systems more than 25 years ago, doing research into the development of loose-coupled, message-based systems — a forerunner of microservice architectures. ** PLEASE REGISTER HERE ** https://airtable.com/shriLinGawUgb3huZ?prefill_Event=Dave%20Farley%20-%20Live%20%23AskMeAnything

Ask Me Anything with James Lewis GOTO Nights

Online event

** PLEASE REGISTER HERE ** https://airtable.com/shrfIwx8GPa0LVwcB?prefill_Event=James%20Lewis%20-%20%23AskMeAnything Join us in this Ask Me Anything session (AMA) with James Lewis a on Slack and have him answer any burning technical questions you can think of around Microservices, Software Architecture, Lean, and Organisational Design! Location: Slack Please note: We encourage you to join Jame's Slack channel in the GOTO Conferences Slack workspace, introduce yourself, and ask your questions before the event starts. This way, we can make full use of the hour with our expert, James Lewis. ABOUT THE SPEAKER James Lewis is a Software Architect and Director at ThoughtWorks based in the UK. He’s proud to have been a part of ThoughtWorks’ journey for fifteen years and it’s ongoing mission of delivering technical excellence for its clients and in amplifying positive social change for an equitable future. As a member of the ThoughtWorks Technical Advisory Board, the group that creates the Technology Radar, he contributes to industry adoption of open source and other tools, techniques, platforms and languages. He is an internationally recognised expert on software architecture and design and on its intersection with organisational design and lean product development. As such he’s been a guest editor for IEEE Software, written articles, delivered training and spoken at more conferences than he can remember. James defined the new Microservices architectural style back in 2014 along with Martin Fowler. Currently the microservices industry is worth in excess of $20 billion annually. James’ primary consulting focus these days is on helping organisations with technology strategy, distributed systems design and adoption of SOA. He freely admits that it’s only by standing on the shoulders of giants that he’s been able to make the contributions to the industry that he has." ** PLEASE REGISTER HERE ** https://airtable.com/shrfIwx8GPa0LVwcB?prefill_Event=James%20Lewis%20-%20%23AskMeAnything

GOTOpia February 2021

Online event

After a series of fantastic online events we're once again gathering our community for an online conference Feb. 9-10. We prepared an exciting two days packed with technical talks, live Q&As, networking sessions and so much more. Join us online to take a look into the absolute latest and greatest development tools and methodologies. You’ll learn how to stay ahead of the technology curve while taking part in and being inspired by a global innovation movement full of explorers, pioneers and trendsetters. -- Speaker highlights for GOTOpia February 2021 include: James Lewis, software architect and director at ThoughtWorks who defined the microservices architectural style back in 2014 along with Martin Fowler Julie Lerman, Microsoft regional director, Docker Captain, PluralSight author and long-time Microsoft MVP who now counts her years as a coder in decades Aaron Parecki, senior security architect at Okta, author of "OAuth 2.0 Simplified", maintains oauth.net and regularly writes and gives talks about OAuth and online security -- Register today to save 25% on your ticket with a GOTOpia February Early Bird pass! -- THIS IS NOT A FREE EVENT — TO ATTEND PLEASE PURCHASE A TICKET https://gotopia.eu

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